AMC"s 90-minute mid-season finale of The go Dead presented a new character that has actually gotten human being talking after episode 8 aired. That is unclear that this person is other than they space wearing a an extremely distinctive pair that boots and also they show up to be keeping an eye ~ above the group from Alexandria. So who is this an enig person?

Spoiler alert: This article discusses the mid-season finale of Season 7 of AMC"s The go Dead (Episode 8, title "Hearts tho Beating"). Please proceed with fist if you wish to prevent spoilers.

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Someone put on distinctive boots do two tiny appearances in episode 8 that AMC"s mid-season finale the The wade Dead. Once, after stack (Andrew Lincoln) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) left the boat they had actually been searching, and also then again after ~ the credits rolled because that the Season 7 mid-season finale. So that is this person and also how will they affect the Season 7 return the The wade Dead? Here"s some theories on who they can be.

Someone From one more Group

It is an extremely clear the person in boots is check on human being from Alexandria, so it seems highly unlikely that human is someone from within Alexandria. ~ all, they would understand what your own community was up to and wouldn"t need to snoop.

But, there space plenty the other groups circulating in Season 7 that The walking Dead that could be interested in scoping out Alexandria. Not only is there Rick"s team at Alexandria, there space the Saviors, Hilltop, the Kingdom and also the newly presented Oceanside, all of which tend to spend a most time in boots together they take trip around. After ~ all, considering the concealed danger of infection from a pedestrian bite, boots space the only safe footwear to determined during the zombie apocalypse.

In the comic books the collection is based on, there is one other group the television show hasn"t introduced yet that also warrants a cite according to ComicBook, the Whisperers. The Whisperers room a group that usage the skin of walkers come cover themselves together a disguise therefore they have the right to sneak around without gift detected by various other humans. Together ComicBook point out out, the Whisperers "spy native a distance, and move quietly with the woods." and also this showed up to be specifically what was happening in episode 8 the The walking Dead.

However, it could just as most likely be Cyndie (Sydney Park) or an additional member native Oceanside check up on Alexandria to see if they pose any type of real threat since Tara (Alanna Masterson) escaped. Viewers know Oceanside had actually a run in v the Saviors, so that is possible, considering all the other teams are beginning to band together versus Negan at the end of episode 8, Oceanside could additionally come into the fray.

Other suggestions include someone from the Saviors who might be looking come swap sides. It seems unlikely to it is in someone like Simon (Steven Ogg), who seems pretty happy through his position within the Saviors. However, Dwight (Austin Amelio) has shown some signs of gift unhappy through the Saviors. So has actually his ex-wife, Sherry (Christine Evangelista).

Yet again, this person can be indigenous a new, together yet unidentified group. Or, alternatively, can even it is in the initial owner the the boat Rick and Aaron were scavenging from.

Is that A Woman?

While many people have suspect the human being wearing boots in episode 8 that The go Dead is a man, it is entirely possible the human is in reality a woman. After ~ all, as declared earlier, a zombie apocalypse survivor would certainly be foolish to wear anything rather while traveling exterior a secure environment.

The 2nd time the human wearing boots appeared in episode 8, they showed their hands. While the is tough to say this hands definitely belong to a woman, they are slender, describe they might belong to a female.


Now, as much as women go, it could easily be Cyndie or someone else from Oceanside because that the reason declared above. It can just as easily be Sherry native Negan"s group as she definitely seems prefer she can defect. However, over there is one more woman that part fans are suspecting: Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride).

While episode 8 of The wade Dead showed Carol together adamant she was no interested in siding with the Kingdom against Negan"s group, it doesn"t average she isn"t out there sneaking approximately with her own agenda. And, this mysterious human in boots walk seem to know where to hide once spying on Alexandria without acquiring seen, describe it could be someone who has been to Alexandria before and also knows your routines.

Could It even Be Morales?

So far, many civilization have tried to complement up the person"s boots with shoes currently seen top top other characters in The walking Dead. Heavy have actually given many screenshots the Season 7 characters and the boots they right now prefer. None seem to complement up. However, the image below show boots that are rather worn and also damaged, describe the owner might have traveled far in them.


Business Insider points out that possibly fans have actually a reunion a long time coming v those boots belonging to Morales. Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) was a character viewed in Season 1 the The walking Dead. His family was a component of the initial Atlanta group but decided to branch the end on their very own rather than join Rick"s group as they traveled to the CDC. Ever due to the fact that he left, fans have been speculating he can make a return at some suggest in The go Dead. could the second half of Season 7 it is in the moment he is rejoined with Rick"s Group? just by tuning into the Season 7 return in February will expose the identity of the mysterious person in boots.

According to Screen Crush, the human being in boots will certainly be revealed in the second half of Season 7 the The walking Dead. Robert Kirkman revealed ~ above AMC"s Talking Dead the this human -- or their neighborhood -- will have actually a larger function in the Season 7 return."I yes, really wish I can tell you. All I deserve to say is that those boots, you"ll absolutely recognize those indigenous earlier—they"re associated to that boat scene—and you know, that"s a huge part the what we"re handling when we come back next fifty percent of the season, so we"ll it is in revealing that soon. It"s going to be a an excellent half season."Who do you think to be wearing those boots in the mid-season finale of The wade Dead? let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Season 7 the The go Dead returns to AMC top top Sunday, February 12, 2017, in ~ 9 p.m. ET.