There"s no should use a psychic. Here"s where you can watch Hollywood tool with Tyler Henry online.

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It’s a show that sounds nearly too bizarre to be true, yet reality TV collection Hollywood tool with Tyler Henry is an extremely much the this world.

Tyler Henry has supposedly been able to communicate with the dead due to the fact that he was 10, and also since relocating to Hollywood native small-town America, he’s become a tool for some major celebrities. You deserve to even capture Rebel Wilson and singer Lizzo in the recent series!

Yet, while he is happy gift a “clairvoyant” come the stars, he likewise just wants to live his best life together a young guy in Los Angeles.

Where to watch Hollywood tool with Tyler Henry virtual in the UK

You deserve to watch illustration of Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry ~ above the E! channel. You’ll need a skies subscription because that this, and E! generally only dram re-runs the old seasons, therefore if you’re no hope to clock the episodes you want on-demand, climate you’re far better off finding lock online.

Here’s whereby you can find Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry in the UK.


With subscription streaming business hayu, you have the right to watch truth TV to your heart’s content. It has actually hundreds the episodes and shows easily accessible right at your fingertips.

Pay £4.99 a month to watch shows choose Keeping Up v the Kardashians and also Love & i know good Hop: new York, and get access to every 4 periods of Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry.

And girlfriend can try hayu for complimentary with its complimentary trial, which provides you accessibility to reality TV without payment a cent.


With NOW, you have the right to watch every 4 periods of Hollywood tool with Tyler Henry by purchasing a hayu pass, which offers you access to whatever that hayu needs to offer.

This happen will cost you £4.99 a month, or you can shot out NOW’s cost-free trial if she not all set to commit.

YouTube and Google Play

You can additionally see Tyler Henry using his “unique abilities” top top YouTube and Google Play. However, you have the right to only watch periods 1, 3 and also 4 with these services.

Each season will expense you about £10, while individual episodes will set you back around £2 each.

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Is Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry easily accessible on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix is one tool that you can’t watch Tyler Henry spooking world out on.