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Genre: Comedy, CrimeStarring: Divine, David Lochary, mar Vivian Pearce, Mink StoleDirector: john Waters include Favorite

Storyline: Pink Flamingos (1972) Sleaze queen divine lives in a caravan v her foolish hippie kid Crackers and her 250-pound mom Mama Edie, trying to remainder quietly on your laurels together 'the filthiest human being alive'. But competition is impending in the form of Connie and Raymond Marble, who sell heroin to schoolchildren and also kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers, selling the babies come lesbian couples. Finally, they challenge Divine directly, and also battle commences...

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Penalty (2019) A story the a North-east Indian soccer player who's fighting day and also night through the society in bespeak to achieve his dreams. The film covers all kinds of great in one solitary film indigenous ...


The Scarecrow the Romney Marsh: part 1 (1963) Dr. Syn, a nation priest leader a rebel band versus the King's naval push gangs. Press gangs (impressment) roam the country side beating young men into submission or unconsciousness, typically at local inn


Stealing paradise (2011) Amanda, a excellent engineer, is enraged as soon as her breakthrough architecture is stolen and also patented by her colleague Brendan. When he is found murdered, Amanda is the element suspect and also soon finds she is not just fighting for she des


Khamoshi: The musical (1996) Goa based Joseph Braganza and also his wife Flavy, devout Catholics, are both deaf and also mute. He provides a living offering soap bars door to door. Flavy gets pregnant and also gives bear to a daughter that they name Annie, who can spea

Dinosaur Hotel (2021) Sienna is no hope to success a huge cash prize in a secret underground game show. However, dinosaurs start to hunt her down for the to chat of the rich and also wealthy. Deserve to she be the last to survive the horrific night to success t

Children of the Corn III: urban Harvest (1995) two young Gatlin residents are orphaned after ~ the younger brother kills your father. So, the terror of Gatlin goes urban as soon as the 2 boys are put in the custody of two foster parents. The younger br

The Infidel (2010) Based in a London suburb Mahmud Nasir stays with his nice wife, Saamiya, and two children, Rashid and also Nabi. His boy plans to marry Uzma, the step-daughter of Egyptian-born Arshad Al-Masri, a so-called 'Hate Cleric' from Wazirista

Fog closeup of the door In (1956) when her husband goes away on a business trip, mar Summers is all alone in her house--and gripped v a nameless fear. Climate an escaped mental patient breaks in.

Gokudô kisha (1993) Matsuzaki is a gyeongju tipster for a sporting activities paper, a lowlife that spends half his time drunk, hangs out through the Yakuza and complicates his sex life through succumbing to developments from his girlfriend's sister.

Joyride (1977) Three adolescents leave Los Angeles and also drive phibìc to Alaska, wind increase robbing a pipeline and also taking one of the employee hostage.

Slave Queen the Babylon (1963) general Onnos returns from a effective military project to the Assyrian resources of Nineveh. He presents King Minurte with a variety of newly-captured slaves including Kir, defeated king the the Dardanians. Kir attractive t

A fatal virus is sweeping the country and also one guy may host the crucial to defeating it - if he deserve to survive.

Crime Is Our organization (2008) Prudence Beresford is investigating another murder. She aunt had actually witnessed it, but no body to be found, and nobody trusted she word. Nobody, other than Prudence, the course!

Ladies of recreation (1930) Jerry strong is the kid of a well-off businessman, but wants to be a painter. He rental Kay Arnold, a good girl v a bad past, as a model. They loss in love, and also plan to gain married. However Jerry's parents raise solid objections.

Laidbackers (2019) A group of fantasy beings room reincarnated right into the genuine world. They command a quiet contents life, till they are called upon to go on a quest.

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Hell Commandos (1969) one American significant trains a group of elite soldiers for a dangerous hidden mission behind opponent lines throughout WW2.

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