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Somehow, somallisonbrookephotography.comay, we’ve made it to hometowns. Well, almost. First, we’re back in Bimini wherein Corinne is freaking the end that Nick is going come send her house next. She’s therefore freaked out, in fact, that once Nick walks into the room holding roses, every she have the right to say is, “I have actually no idea how many there are.” You typical the roses that he’s holding less than a foot from her face? counting THEM, CORINNE. Or go she not know how to counting all the method to four?

Long story short, Nick foregoes the increased ceremony and also hands the end the hometown roses now, v Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, and Rachel all accepting happily.

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First up, crow takes Nick come Hoxie, Arkansas, wherein fun means muddin’ ~ above a four-wheeler, climbing grain bins, and also something referred to as froggiging? go she speak frog kicking? Frolicking? Let’s hope it’s that latter.

But, many importantly, this is the location where raven intends come tell Nick, the man who can’t decide if a button-down or a T-shirt is best for today’s festivities, that she’s fallout’s in love v him. Due to the fact that there’s nothing quite prefer hearing it for the second time? Didn’t she already tell that she to be falling throughout their first date?

Maybe she’s trying to do this confession the love much more romantic, i beg your pardon is why she intends to perform it ~ above the height of a grain bin. Apparently, in Hoxie, this is where you go to have systematic conversations. (It’s also undoubtedly the location where some teen dropped off and tragedy struck the entire town. And also there’s now one bin where no one dares sit. As well dark?)

But negative Nick never gets to risk his life on the height of a serial bin since on their method up, they’re quit by the neighborhood police. Simply kidding! It’s Raven’s brother! now this is beginning to feel choose a tiny town.

From there, Raven and also Nick walk muddin’. Reportedly they chose to forego the coherent conversation to gain down and also dirty in the swamp. Who states romance is dead?

And to trust me, friends: You’ve never seen muddin’ like this before! simply as Nick says, “It’s really interesting to think the a life with Raven by my side,” she takes off his shirt and he lays her under in the dirt so the he have the right to straddle her. As he puts it, she “has an ext personality 보다 you can ever imagine.” Yes, since her personality is what’s shining v on this date.

Once they get cleaned up, they head to meet Raven’s parents, and also also, her brothers is there yet no one cares. He had his 15 secs of fame!

Nick’s arrival is conveniently overshadowed through the announcement the Raven’s dad is cancer free. To be honest, Nick might also not it is in there, since the best component of this day is Raven’s conversation with her father. Crow asks her dad if it’s weird come think that he might one day it is in walking her under the aisle to Nick, yet once again, her father’s all, “Nick who?” every he cares around is the reality that he’ll obtain to walk her down the aisle. And yes, I’m crying too.

Once crow sits down to talk through her mom, lock both marvel in ~ the fact that Nick is way less arrogant 보다 they thought he’d be. At this point, mom’s every in top top Nick. Every she wants to understand from she daughter is if she’s walking to be able to say those 3 words. Have the right to Raven let her guard down? have the right to YOU, RAVEN? to speak THOSE words NOW!

As for dad, he easily becomes a Nick fan once Nick sit down and asks him for her daughter’s hand… if, and only if, as 2 consenting adults, castle decide someday that they want to obtain engaged. If Raven desires that, will certainly you offer your blessing? so basically, Nick has actually rehearsed this decided to it is in bulletproof, since he’s now asking fathers: If your ADULT daughter has uncovered what she wants, will you save her from the happiness? perform YOU LOVE her DAUGHTER?

Raven’s father, after admitting that he didn’t suppose to like Nick — simply wait until he sees that footage of lock muddin’ — speak Nick the he trusts Raven’s judgment. In fact, dad think there’s a “good possibility” that he’ll it is in handing Raven turn off to Nick one day.

After they speak goodbye to her family, it’s Raven’s opportunity to prove her mommy wrong and also say those three words. However instead, she goes with, “I think I need to tell you that there is no suspicion on my finish of what becomes of this.” Yeah, that’s about as clear together the dirt you rolled about in today, Raven. Your mother is not going to it is in pleased through you.

Next up, Nick top to Dallas wherein Rachel bring away him come church. And I don’t average that they’re walk to have a coherent conversation on optimal of a grain bin. I average they’re precise going to church.

Of course, the minister takes the chance to contact Nick out however is simply too nice to blatantly ask that if he’s ever before been to a mainly black church before. Instead, he asks, “Have you been in this space?” Um, no. This is his very first time here. Thanks for the very vague question.

Overall, Nick has a blast and, together he puts it, “Amen is amen.” but that does carry them come a conversation they’ve needed to have. Nick reveals the he’s not, in fact, shade blind and also does realize the Rachel is black. BACHELOR NATION, did YOU understand THIS???

Long story short, race isn’t an issue for one of two people of them, but Nick is nervous that it will certainly be an issue with Rachel’s family, an especially Mr. Lindsay. Except the huge bad Mr. Lindsay won’t it is in there since of occupational obligations! Well, let’s wrap this up now. ~ all, many thanks to the Bachelorette announcement, we know these 2 aren’t walking anywhere.

As castle head to meet Rachel’s family, Rachel explains that her family’s stamp of approval can be just the press she requirements to fall in love with Nick. You deserve to pinpoint that?

Rachel’s family immediately puts Nick in the warm seat, questioning whether he have the right to identify the food on the table, and also I’ll provide it to Nick, he actually handles self well in this situation. If gift in this family means you need to have actually thick skin, Nick might fit in.

Rachel’s sisters Constance and her husband room the very first to pull Nick and Rachel aside, throughout which Nick reveals that this is his first serious relationship with a black woman. He pulls the end his rehearsed explanation: He to know Rachel’s black yet the factor he likes her is her personality. Yet Constance isn’t fully impressed. It’s an excellent that Nick likes Rachel, however as she explains, in today’s climate, they need to know how to navigate the racism in the world.

Nick then heads to chat with Rachel’s mom, whom he speak the precise same thing. He realizes that culture will watch them as an interracial couple, and they’re not looking come hide indigenous it. That just wishes to challenge those difficulties as a couple.

With that the end of the way, mother wants to understand if Nick’s seen any type of red flags when it involves Rachel. (Is it simply me, or does it seem like mom wants Nick to discover a couple of flaws in she daughter?) however as far as Nick’s concerned, they interact well, and also Rachel’s large personality is among the things that the likes most. Sorry mom, you’ll need to go dislike on your daughter with someone else! (Try Constance, she seems like she’d be into it.)

Sitting down with Rachel, mom wants to know just how serious she daughter is about Nick, and also Rachel explains that she’s fallout’s in love through him. Her mother admits that the things that as soon as attracted her to Rachel’s father to be his confidence and how self-assured the was. And also she sees that in Nick. For this reason yeah, Rachel’s on the ideal track, and also I can’t help but wonder how Mr. Lindsay would certainly feel about this comparison.

At the finish of the day, Rachel’s mom literally shoos them out of the home so that Rachel have the right to pull a Raven and also not to speak “I love you” come Nick. Instead, she kisses him and also sends him on his funny way.

And now, for the hometown you’ve every been waiting for: Nick meets Corinne in Miami where she’s so excited to provide him a glimpse in ~ what a job in she life is favor as a effective businesswoman. So today, she’s walking to have actually Nick sign up with her in ~ a variety of important meetings, followed by a quick presentation she has to give, and also then they’ll end the day through a pretty dinner. Just kidding! Corinne “runs” her service by shopping at exclusive malls whereby the workers understand her by name! together she put it, “Shopping and me go hand in hand. We’re choose white on rice.” therefore she can know shopping, however she has actually no idea what “white top top rice” means.

From what I deserve to tell, Corinne’s to buy tips incorporate making the employee treat you favor you’re a princess; being the annoying human being who do the efforts on absolutely everything but buys one outfit; and drinking champagne if you do it.

When Nick tries on some sweats the cost an ext than $1,000, the realizes the “might have to get a couple jobs” to assistance Corinne’s lifestyle. In the end, it’s Corinne that drops much more than $3,000 ~ above the outfit Nick will wear to fulfill her parents, i m sorry is a sweater and also some jeans, from what I deserve to tell. They’re not even slacks! They’re jeans! and also let’s expect they pair well with hives since Nick, Mr. Bargain Shopper over here, is freaking out.

Heading to accomplish her family, Nick claims he’s “more excited 보다 nervous,” which around translates to: I treatment a small less about this hometown. But before Corinne introduce him come everyone, she speak him the she loves the while sitting in a publicly restaurant wherein he’s not enabled to say it back. She then declares the moment was “like a movie,” once literally the just thing movie-esque about it is the fact that there room cameras on them. So it was choose the make of a movie?

Now, it’s time because that Nick to satisfy “daddy,” and, of course, Racquel. Sitting under to dinner, Corinne tells she parents the many shocking point from her suffer on the show: The women provided Racquel against her! like an adult needing a nanny is pathetic or something!

But together Corinne’s mom explains, Racquel has actually been with them because that 17 years and is component of your family. She’s a second mother to the girls, and quite frankly, Corinne’s mommy couldn’t do a lot of things without her… she says as Racquel hands her a glass the wine.

After everyone eats among dad’s “world famous” Greek olives, Corinne and dad capture up. Corinne explains that she’s in love and, together she place it, “we’ve been date for a month and a half.” Dad, all set with the truth check, walk the mathematics for his daughter: “That’s just six weeks.”

But Corinne is there to tell she father the in Nick she sees a person “who cares about Corinne: the good, the bad, the embarrassed.” What? Did friend think she’d speak ugly?

Meanwhile, together Corinne convinces dad dearest to favor Nick, Nick sit down through Racquel, that basically tells Nick no to ache Corinne because she considers her a daughter. Wait? walk she simply blink twice? SOMEONE help HER.

Back in the bedroom — where most fathers and daughters have necessary conversations — Corinne’s dad asks if Corinne is all set to be the breadwinner if Nick can’t store her happy. And also you recognize what? She is. (Translation: i hope you are, dad!)

Dad climate relays that believed to Nick together they reap some 15-year-old solitary malt scotch, simply in case the shopping spree, nanny, and/or ridiculous didn’t call you that they’re rich. And so it’s with a scotch in his hand the Corinne’s father gives Nick his blessing to marry Corinne, in so many words, before bringing the conversation back around come what really matters: If Nick marries into this family, he’ll always have good scotch! and what is life without an excellent scotch?! It’s bad. That’s what.

By the end of the day, Corinne’s father think Corinne is the “lid to Nick’s pot.” So with each other they type a piece of kitchenware? This man has actually never provided a pot in his life.

As for Corinne’s mom, she speak Nick that he’s welcome in your home any type of time, a statement that she might be revoking very soon.

While Corinne to walk Nick out, the family members looks on… together Racquel gets rid of the table behind them. Isn’t equality great?!

Finally, Nick meets up v Vanessa in Montreal where she bring away him through a day in she life, i m sorry is less around shopping and much more about conference her students. And also as much as Corinne’s an individual shoppers pretended to prefer her, there’s something to be claimed for the means Vanessa’s adult college student burst into tears as soon as they watch her.

Nick and also Vanessa invest the afternoon make a scrapbook through the students — it’s a scrapbook of Nick and Vanessa, so yes, really this is a matter of free labor — before Nick it s okay the thumbs up from she students and also heads off to meet fifty percent of Vanessa’s family.

At Sunday lunch, Vanessa introduces Nick to her mother’s side of the family, and I do mean literally every member of her mother’s side of the family. Sunday lunch roughly translates come 15 according to Italians and… Nick.

And this Italians have actually one question that they’re exceptionally fixated on: where is Vanessa going to live if things work-related out through Nick? (a.k.a. Will certainly she still it is in attending Sunday lunches?) and also if there’s one thing to know around Vanessa’s family, it’s the they’re no going come drop this question. Ever.

Vanessa’s mommy pulls Nick aside and also admits the she’s worried he has another woman in mind. (Sorry, mom, yet he has actually three.) So once Nick do the efforts to start the conversation off with a joke about how beautiful Vanessa is, mommy shuts the down. SHE IS more THAN HER impressive BOOBS, NICK. Quick! call her around how friend kissed she daughter also after she vomited top top your an initial date!

From Vanessa’s mom to her overprotective sister, Nick continues to acquire grilled around the “difficult conversations.” have actually they talked about what real life will be like? walk he establish they live in different countries? whereby WILL friend LIVE?

Nick, therefore flustered that he claims “we haven’t dove right into that,” tries to define that lock will have actually that conversation at part point. So to make him feel a little more comfortable, her sister tells him, “I’ll dislike you if you break her heart. Ns really will.” and also when she cries, Nick go too, however only because he can’t discover a way out the this house.

Vanessa, sitting v her brother, is facing a comparable situation. He desires to know around — friend guessed it — the move! and also, he’s crying! for this reason this household is not only stubborn but an extremely emotional.

Vanessa climate chats through her sister, and even in spite of the reality that Vanessa admits she’d to speak yes if Nick proposed, she dear old sister asks about the logistics. Let me just say this: too ~ Vanessa’s family: you cannot remind her the she’s only recognized the male for 6 weeks and also then asking why castle haven’t talked around moving in together. Choose YOUR ARGUMENT.

In the end, Vanessa’s mom is likewise concerned. Proving the she’s never ever watched this display before, she just hopes that the decision is make “together.” Yeah, her daughter has no to speak in what Nick does. Sorry, mom.

From one an extremely crowded house to an north one, Vanessa takes Nick to fulfill her father and also a woman i assume is she step-mom? all I understand is that when Vanessa knocks, the mrs asks, “Is that her?” Um, i hope so or rather there room cameras in your apartment for something else!

When Nick lastly sits down v Vanessa’s dad, he learns indigenous his mistake v her mom and also only briefly mentions Vanessa’s great looks before getting to she personality. Yet when Nick spits the end his currently well-rehearsed speech to ask for a father’s blessing, Vanessa’s dad gets real with him: Did that ask the various other three fathers he met with? Um, yeah. (Well, other than for Rachel’s, due to the fact that he didn’t accomplish her dad.)

But at this point, Nick has actually done this enough times to contact an audible: He assures to never make a decision v Vanessa unless he think it’s right, i m sorry is really to promise nothing, by the way. “This is genuine for me,” Nick explains. Vanessa renders him happy. Just like that, Nick it s okay his final blessing.

But dad’s not done yet. He notifies Vanessa the Nick inquiry the other fathers, thereby shattering her idea the she and Nick room so far ahead the the other relationships. As she place it, it provides her “question whether or no Nick to know at this allude that I’m the one the he wants to be with.” Um yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s specifically what you should be questioning best now.

Before Nick leaves, he claims one final thing come Vanessa: “Stay the end of her head.” however of course, she can’t. By the time everyone come in York for the following rose ceremony, Vanessa decides she demands to speak to Nick. Only, it’s not Vanessa that knocks ~ above his hotel room door. It’s…

Andi and her wobbly heals! I would certainly act shocked, but let’s be real: Andi resides in York and also owed the producers a favor. She has not lastly realized that she loves Nick. Let’s not forget the this man called her the end on “making love with him” on nationwide television. She’s done.

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I’ll watch you all next week. If you need me before then, I’ll be finding out to speak an additional language, due to the fact that at this point, Vanessa’s simply making me look bad.