Is Wayne Brady Fox on The masking Singer? Pic credit: Fox.

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Fox to be the an initial of the remaining 5 masked singers who competed for a point out in the finals on critical night’s holiday-themed semifinals illustration of The masking Singer, titled 2 Masks take it It Off.

While giving clues, Fox revealed that Joey Fatone, who appeared as hare on the present last season, was his friend.

Based top top this clue, many fans believe that Fox is Wayne Brady.

Fox’s rabbit clue

Fox walk a beautiful cover of This Christmas through Donny Hathaway.

He then presented his Christmas gift, i beg your pardon turned the end to be a picture of Rabbit, a previous contestant top top The masking Singer. Fox stated Rabbit was his friend.

This clue resulted in questions about the identity of the celebrity who showed up on the present as Rabbit and Jenny McCarthy automatically confirmed the Rabbit to be the NSYNC boy-band member Joey Fatone.

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“My girlfriend Rabbit come by the Foxhole and told me ns would have just as great a time as he did,” Fox said, “and boy, was he right.”

The revelation that Joey Fatone to be Fox’s friend led to more questions. To be Fox another member of NSYNC or a girlfriend to Fatone?

Are Joey Fatone and Wayne Brady friends?

Based ~ above the Joey Fatone friendship clue, plenty of fans think the Fox can be Wayne Brady since he and also Joey Fatone are known to be really close friends.

According to a July 2, 2007 report through Orlando Sentinel, Joey Fatone and Wayne Brady thrived up with each other in Florida. Fatone descried Brady as a really close friend and also revealed the they attended the Dr. Phillips High college in Orlando, Florida, together.

“Wayne and also I saw the same high college — he graduated six years before me — had the same drama teacher and also worked at global Studios with each other in the very same show,” Joey said. “Wayne is a an excellent friend.”

When asked exactly how close he and Wayne were, Joey claimed they never ever missed an possibility to see each other.

“When Wayne concerns Orlando to visit or ns go come L.A. Because that work, we constantly get together, have actually dinner, share company stories and also talk about when us dreamed of make a living at this level that the entertainment business,” Joey said. “We have actually been close since 1995. It’s stunner to think how much we have actually both come.”

Wayne likewise confirmed that he and Joey were an extremely close.

“Joey is a dear girlfriend of mine,” Wayne said.

catching up on the masked singer and i tho think the fox is wayne brady

— stephanie | #cesaroforchamp (
deadlystephanie) December 12, 2019

If the Rotweiler isn't chris Daughtry and also the Fox isn't Wayne Brady I'm quittin the masked singer for great I SWEAR

— fupacabras (
dopelore) December 12, 2019

Is Fox Jamie Foxx?

While fans remain convinced that Fox is Wayne Brady, and also the recommendation to “foxhole” in his clue package to be to litter off the panelists and also make castle think he to be Jamie Foxx.

Nicole Scherzinger suggested that “foxhole” might be a recommendation to Jamie Foxx’s comedy show, the Foxxhole, ~ above Sirius XM Radio channel 96, however she finally resolved for Tyrese.

Based top top the “Richard” proviso in Fox’s proviso video, Ken Jeong claimed that Jamie Foxx’s genuine name was Richard Bland. The various other panelists and host Nick Cannon disagreed v Jeong. Cannon said Jeong that Foxx’s actual name to be Eric Marlon Bishop and not Richard Bland.

Fox to be so bored with Jeong’s speculation the he laid down to sleep in the center of the stage.

Only Robin Thicke guessed the Fox to be Wayne Brady.

WayneBrady I just watched The masking Singer & based upon the vocals, the Fox is Wayne Brady. I have actually & LOVE WB’s album “A long Time Coming.” The voice/tone matches his tune “Make sky Wait.” WB can sang! pic.twitter.com/i6N7yJQQxx

— Michael Davis (
Michael_C_Davis) December 12, 2019

Two masked celebrities to be unmasked critical night

Fox competed on critical night’s episode against four other masked contestants: Rottweiler, Thingamajig, Flamingo, and also Leopard.

It to be the night of the “double reveal,” which expected that 2 of the 5 masked celebrities would need to be unmasked. The very first of those 2 celebrities was Leopard, that turned out — together fans meant — to it is in the brothers musician Seal.

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Thingamajig was also revealed — as widely meant — to be the NBA star Victor Oladipo.