Crew members return from a having lunch break at rehearsals because that the Grammy Awards telecast. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Grammy executive, management producer Ken Ehrlich, center, backstage through Billie Joe Armstrong of green Day, right, and also Miranda Lambert. (Brian valve der Brug / Los Angeles Times)


Grammy executive producer Ken Ehrlich, left, talks with Neil Portnow, president of the national Academy of recording Arts and also Sciences. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)


This year Grammy Awards will certainly be broadcast live on Sunday indigenous 8 come 11:30 p.m. Eastern and also Pacific time top top CBS.

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Three and also a fifty percent hours, huh? and also a 2½-hour pre-telecast ceremony to boot? Well, the Grammy Awards show is chock-full that star-studded performances. And also like every year, the performances are all around the collaborations.

LIVE posting ~ above the Grammy red carpet, awards

Case in point: French electronica duo Daft Punk, through vocalist Pharrell Williams and guitarist Nile Rodgers, will team up through R&B sensation Stevie Wonder. The music act will be the very first live television performance because that Daft Punk due to the fact that 2008.


Add to the a performance from musical superstar Beyonce — one more televised very first in honor of her hush-hush-released self-titled album, which, by the way, wrong iTunes records once it come out in December.

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And nothing forget the evening’s power from the Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. The pair will receive the recording Academy’s lifetime accomplishment award the day before the telecast.

The job after the telecast, a television special will certainly be filmed, featuring McCartney and also Starr and the Beatles’ an initial appearance ~ above CBS’ “The Ed Sullivan Show.” The special, title “The Night That changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles,” will air at 8 p.m. Feb. 9, specifically 50 year after the Sullivan performance.

Other collaborations on the bill incorporate heavy-metal band Metallica with timeless Chinese pianist Lang Lang; hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar with alternate rock band Imagine Dragons; pop starlet Sara Bareilles v legendary singer-songwriter Carole King; R&B artist Robin Thicke v rock tape Chicago, edgy pop singer Pink with indie pop band fun.’s Nate Ruess. Plus, there will be a pop starburst the Lorde, Katy Perry and also Taylor Swift.

As come whether these pairings space head-scratchers or absolutely electrifying, you be the judge of that.

TIMELINE: Grammy Awards v the years

Think there room too many acts come remember? let our picture gallery of Grammy performers carry out an outline. Pop quiz: who is performing with Daft Punk top top stage? Come on, you recognize it. (Hint: watch paragraph three.) and on the topic of curious pairings, inspect out our photo gallery the the most unexpected collaborations in music here.

With all these name in the music industry, it appears as despite the Grammy nominees with far and also wide.

Rap mogul Jay Z choose up ripe nominations this year, consisting of one because that rap album, yet none because that solos in major categories. Meanwhile, rapper and also producer duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis scored 7 nods, consisting of album of the year for their job-related “The Heist.” check out our finish list of nominees here.

Vying for the night’s record of the year is Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams because that “Get Lucky,” Imagine Dragons for “Radioactive,” Lorde because that “Royals,” Bruno Mars for “Locked the end of Heaven” and Robin Thicke special T.I. And Pharrell because that “Blurred Lines.”

PHOTOS: Grammy nominations snubs and also surprises

Still, part artists were snubbed, as The Times’ music blog pop & Hiss notes. Hip-hop maven Drake was beat out for album of the year by his brethren Kendrick Lamar, when Justin Timberlake’s effective “The 20/20 Experience” likewise didn’t do it to the category. And not one nomination arose for tabloid magnet Miley Cyrus.

Aside from the pop and also hip-hop genres, rock and also R&B require attention too. The Times’ Randall Roberts claims that rock music was shut out of significant categories and that the genre chin is in need of a lift. Meanwhile, The Times’ Gerrick D. Kennedy says alternate R&B is largely overlooked in Grammy nominations.

Switching it approximately jazz, blues and classical music, tune right into the Grammy pre-telecast ceremony indigenous 1 come 3:30 p.m. Pacific time, streamed at We’ll have a live blog of what it all way by The Times’ Todd Martens below on pop & Hiss.

Ensembles like Roomful the Teeth, La Santa Cecilia and Summer Horns will offer performances come kick off the Grammy Awards. Multiple-Grammy winner Cyndi Lauper will host the awareness and assist present awards in around 70 categories.

BALLOT: actors your Grammy Awards vote

As girlfriend crank up your jams ~ above the big night, click on over come our Grammys play-at-home ballot to actors your votes in the major categories.

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Then check earlier with us Grammy night and the morning after to see just how you did. We’ll have full coverage of the Grammys, consisting of red carpet arrivals, present highlights and also best and worst moments.

For now, check out unforgettable moments in our timeline that Grammy Awards with the years, brimming through facts. Go you recognize … oh, OK, we’ll prevent with the quiz thing. Just enjoy.