In The Vampire Diaries’ 6 seasons, the ideal character transformation has debatably belonged come Caroline Forbes, who went from high school cheerleader to kickass vampire and also hasn’t looked back. Ever wonder what Candice Accola, the actress who plays Caroline, thinks around the emotional, hilarious, everything they may be—but always very Caroline—moments she it s okay to plot out? for this reason did we. Therefore has given Accola the space to share she thoughts every week around what’s walk on in the episode and behind the scenes. This, mainly she breaks under Thursday’s episode, “Because.” (Read the full recap here.)

Episode 619, “Because,” was a unique episode not only for Caroline, however for myself as well. The is a privilege to occupational on a collection for 6 seasons—it’s no the long hrs of filming I’ll look back on, but the bonds the are formed with the human being I’ve filmed with. Illustration 619 to be directed by a TVD family members member, who I’ve had the satisfied of functioning alongside due to the fact that the beginning: our camera operator-turned-director Mr. Geoff Shotz. Geoff has actually filmed several of Caroline’s greatest moments and I couldn’t help but grow a tiny sentimental the he to be behind the camera directing this episode.

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My whole storyline in “Because” practically took location in one room, which supposed we shot nearly 4 work in a row, in a singular space, for at the very least 12 hrs a day. Talk about together time!

As one actor, attention can be straightforward to come by. However stepping top top the set of a television series, you conveniently realize who is deserving that the real praise: the Ns was request by to tell stories around what taken place on collection while filming an episode of The Vampire Diaries. Filming this episode, ns couldn’t aid but it is in reminded that the true personalities that do filming this series possible.

At the begin of our day prior to we roll, Tony, our sssistant director, take away a minute to dedicate the very first take to sarah Jones, a forever member of our TVD family. (Not only deserve to he make you laugh in ~ the autumn of a hat, he can also hold a handstand because that over a minute—and might be the only human being in the people who have the right to beat Julie Plec in a Diet Coke-drinking contest.)

Fans the our collection probably have actually noticed us film a the majority of stunts. What they can not know is just how many civilization work with each other to make a simple stunt happen. Because that instance, when Damon shoot Caroline v a vervain gun, we filmed a take exclusively of my reaction before falling top top a stunt mat organized by Brett, that was crouching next to me off-camera. Us then filmed a take whereby Greg Oliver, in distinct effects, noted custom vervain darts come be perfect placed. With a tiny help indigenous our exceptional editors in Los Angeles, we have a surprise vervain shot! It important takes a village.

Luckily, we have actually a kick-butt village—including Jessica, mine stunt twin who literally kicked under a wood door to do me look favor a badass; Joe Connelly, in our prop department, who designed breakaway wooden shutters the I had the ability to smash v my “vampire strength;” and also our set decorator, who revolutionized a room that has been shot countless times on The Vampire Diaries into a bed and breakfast set. I wish I can go right into detail about every human on our and also in our manufacturing office, but I’d be creating a novel.

My point is: as actors, we gain days off. Our is over there every minute that every shooting day, producing the human being that girlfriend escape come every Thursday night.

You might not find this to it is in all that special, however when you’re locked in various rooms with the same team of people for 6 years, you realize just how special all of their stories are.

In this episode, Caroline is locked in a room, compelled to confront her reality. After gift locked in the room, facing my very own reality, it’s easy to realize exactly how much ns love it. The is a testimony to every the world who make coming to work such a joy, and who put all your blood, sweat and tears right into making magic happen. That is because of you, Atlanta, the so countless are able come disappear into the human being of The Vampire Diaries main after week.

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