This Minecraft tutorial describes the Frost walker enchantment with screenshots and also step-by-step instructions.

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Supported Platforms

The Frost pedestrian enchantment is available in the adhering to versions that Minecraft:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
Java version (PC/Mac)Yes (1.9)
Pocket version (PE)Yes (1.1)
Xbox 360
Yes (TU43)
Xbox OneYes (CU33)
Yes (1.36)
PS4Yes (1.36)
Wii U
Yes (Patch 13)
Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 EditionYes (1.1)
Education EditionYes (1.0.18)

* The variation that that was added or removed, if applicable.NOTE: bag Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and also Windows 10 Edition are now referred to as Bedrock Edition. We will continue to display them individually for variation history.


The Frost pedestrian enchantment temporary freezes the water around you and turns it right into ice. You can then walk throughout the ice to quickly get around in the game. It also enables you come walk across magma blocks without taking damage.

You can include the Frost pedestrian enchantment come boots making use of an anvil or video game command. You have the right to NOT gain the Frost pedestrian enchantment using an enchanting table. Friend will need to wear the enchanted boots to acquire the capacity to freeze water.

The best level because that the Frost walker enchantment is Level 2. This method that you can enchant an object with approximately Frost walker II. The greater the level, the an ext powerful the enchantment.

Enchantment NameMin LevelMax LevelDescriptionApplies ToHow to add Enchantment
Frost Walker
Level 1 (Frost pedestrian I)
Level 2 (Frost walker II)
Temporarily freezes the water approximately you and also turns it into ice (so you can walk top top it)
1. Enchanting Table2. Anvil3. /enchant command

Incompatible Enchantments

In Minecraft, the Frost walker enchantment deserve to not be an unified with the adhering to enchantments:

Items come Enchant v Frost Walker

In Minecraft, you can enchant the adhering to items through Frost Walker:

How to make an enchanted Book

How to make Diamond Boots

How to make golden Boots

How to make Iron Boots

How to do Leather Boots
How to do Chain Boots
How to make netherite Boots
How to do Dyed leather Boots

Wear the enchanted Boots

Once you have boots that are enchanted v Frost Walker, you must wear the fascinating boots. You will not obtain the capability to frozen water and also walk throughout the ice till the boots space worn.


Move the boots with Frost walker from her inventory to your character"s boots box.

You will see your character"s appearance readjust as the boots are worn.


Now the you space wearing the fascinating boots on her feet, you have the right to freeze the water and also walk top top the ice.

Freeze the Water and Walk on the Ice

Now that we are wearing ours Frost walker boots, let"s view what happens.

As we acquire closer to the water, the block of water will freeze into ice.

Now you deserve to walk top top the ice to get approximately quickly in the game.

Congratulations, you just learned all around the Frost walker enchantment in Minecraft.

Enchantment ID and Name

In Minecraft, Frost Walker has actually the following enchantment ID and also Name values:

Enchantment(Minecraft identifier Name)Max LevelMinecraft IDPlatformVersion
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II9 Java execution (PC/Mac)1.9
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 bag Edition (PE)1.1
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 Xbox One1.4.0
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 PS41.14.0
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 Nintendo Switch1.5.0
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 windows 10 Edition1.1
Frost Walker(frost_walker)II25 education and learning Edition1.0.18

DefinitionsMax Level is the best level the you can use for this enchantment.Minecraft ID is the internal number for the enchantment.Platform is the platform the applies.Version is the Minecraft version number that the charm was presented for the name and ID, if applicable.

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Enchant Command because that Frost Walker


Enchant Command in Minecraft Java edition (PC/Mac)

Frost pedestrian I: