But ns think that sentence is very facility and daunting to language learners like me. So deserve to we just write

Hoy está mucho calor.

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Short answer: no.

When discovering a new language, you should resist the advice to translate your language"s idioms directly into the new language. Sometimes it"s possible, but often it simply does not work. Hace calor is exactly how allisonbrookephotography.com speakers define the weather once it is hot.


You must use hace calor

You can"t micromanage a target language choose that,.. "..that"s simply too confusing, I"ll speak it this way"

Está would certainly not improve your sentence nor would certainly it be thought about to median the very same thing. In fact, the is grammatically incorrect

Hoy está mucho calor

Calor is a noun, which way heat. So you would efficiently be saying...

Today is really heat.


Your direct translation is not totally accurate. "Today is really hot" accurate means

Hoy está muy caluroso.

Since a direct translation the "Hoy hace mucho calor" need to be "Today over there is very much heat" (obviously wrong), your perspective as a translator must be together that suggests by Kent Anderson in his answer.


"Hoy está mucho calor" is fully wrong. Additionally you deserve to use:

Está haciendo mucho calor. (*)

Está siendo un día muy caluroso.

(En estas dos frases, el gerundio hace innecesario especificar que se refieren a «hoy», y por tanto se suele omitir.)

Hoy es un día muy caluroso.

But this is my desired expression:

¡Ozú, que caló!

(This is Andalusian dialect, but any kind of allisonbrookephotography.com-speaking to know what it mean;))

(*) Note that "mucha calor" is also correct. (you deserve to use "la calor" o "el calor").

Hoy está mucho calor.

This is incorrect in allisonbrookephotography.com, yet the correct means of writing it would certainly be:

Hoy está haciendo mucho calor.

in a sentence favor this the is inferred that the weather is making the heat, no the day.

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