Whether you"re expecting a baby girl in 2020 or just looking to keep some good baby name in mind, girlfriend may already be overwhelmed. Specify name a baby ain"t easy, as numerous parents can attest. Picking out the perfect surname comes v a lot of pressure. After ~ all, a name is other that will certainly be through your small one because that the rest of their life unless, the course, they dislike it enough to change it.

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How have the right to you pick a surname they"ll love prior to they"re even born? if there"s no foolproof an approach of choose out precisely the appropriate baby name, one way to (hopefully) pick a baby name the your little one will prefer is come look in ~ what names space trending roughly the time of her baby"s arrival. Picking the end a famous name is one method to at the very least ensure that the name you saddle her baby v won"t be also unusual or old-fashioned.

Thanks to user data built up by infant site Baby Center, we"ve obtained a pretty an excellent idea of the names that space booming in 2020. These are the peak baby girl names that are completely taking over 2020.

The surname Kehlani is one the is acquisition over the charts in 2020. Follow to the baby surname website Behind the Name, the baby girl name is actually a sports of the surname Kailani. The moniker have the right to trace its roots to Hawaii and is obtained from two words in the indigenous language: "kai," meaning "ocean" or "sea," and also "lani", which means "sky." Not just does this median that Kehlani has actually a beautiful origin, but it likewise gives her baby some pretty an excellent built-in nicknames.

The widespread usage of the surname Kehlani is relatively recent. Both Kehlani and also Kailani only cropped increase on baby surname charts in the United says in the 2010s, yet have been on the rise ever since and also look prefer they will be popular for year to come.

The name Kehlani"s rise in popularity deserve to likely it is in at the very least partially attributed to the singer Kehlani Parrish, that goes by her an initial name, do the surname a good option for both pan of nature and also fans the R&B music.

The surname Eden conjures up pictures of paradise and also beauty, which might be component of its very nice to parents who space picking this name for their infant girls. The surname Eden witnessed a huge leap in popularity in 2020, follow to Baby Center user data. 

As noted by Behind the Name, Eden"s origin is uncertain. It might come indigenous the Hebrew word "eden," which way "pleasure" or "delight" and also brings to mind the biblical Garden the Eden, however it may additionally come indigenous the Sumerian indigenous "edin" which way "plain." either way, the name is anything but ordinary, and also parents everywhere the human being seem come agree. The surname is seeing wide use not just in the U.S. But additionally in several other countries including Australia, Israel, new Zealand, and Northern Ireland.

While it"s acquisition over together a infant girl surname in 2020, the name Eden isn"t used specifically for girls. It has seen some usage as a baby young name in several countries including the U.S., Belgium, the Netherlands, France, England, and Wales. 

This alternative spelling of the name London offers the moniker a new spin. Parents who have been offering their babies the name Londyn may be fueling their wanderlust by reasoning of the city the London, or they can be choosing this name due to the fact that of that musical link — Londyn happens to it is in the name of a rapper that was a critical on the Netflix present Rhythm + Flow.

Aside indigenous its link to music and also a significant city, the initial spelling that the baby girl name has actually literary roots as it is the last name of the author Jack London who wrote numerous beloved standards including White Fang and also The call of the Wild.

It"s not tough to check out why the name Londyn is climbing increase the charts. Even if it is you"re in search of a timeless-sounding name with deep roots, or a trendy name the sounds hip and also modern, friend can"t go wrong v Londyn.

You don"t have to be a pan of skiing to provide your infant the surname Aspen. Sure, Aspen may be the name of a popular winter travel location for human being who love to hit the slopes, but there"s a lot more to the name than that. The city that Aspen, Colorado obtained its begin as a silver-mining town in the late 19th century, however struck gold together a infant girl name the is acquisition over the charts on Baby Center.

Aside from its association with the city, Aspen is a name the is steady rooted in nature — literally. As listed by Behind the Name, Aspen is the surname of a tree and also can it is in traced to the Old English ax "æspe." when it has actually been supplied regularly as a given name due to the fact that the beforehand "90s, it experienced a vast increase in popularity in the so late 2010s. Aspen is poised come take over 2020 and doesn"t look prefer it will be walking downhill any time soon.

The surname Kali is one that is so well-known with Baby Center users that that is acquisition over 2020. The moniker is quick yet sweet and has a decidedly contemporary feel regardless of its ancient roots. If Kali can be offered as a order variation that the an ext common Callie, Kali additionally comes to united state from a Sanskrit word meaning "the black one," as detailed by Behind the Name

Kali is additionally the surname of a Hindu goddess who is married come the god Shiva. Kali is commonly portrayed v black skin and four arms while hold a sword and a severed head. Prior to you create this surname off for having actually such a dark definition , Encyclopedia Britannica noted that the goddess isn"t only the goddess that death, but additionally the goddess the time and also motherly love, making the name fairly a an effective choice for parents spring to give their baby girls some severe girl strength vibes. 

In India, the name is commonly given to baby boys, but it is far more popular for baby girls in the U.S.

While the surname Olive may not be appealing to those who dislike the fruit, a many parents are loving this name. Olive isn"t simply taking end the Baby Center charts, yet it"s additionally rapidly recording up to the similar name Olivia, i m sorry was among the most renowned baby girl names throughout the 2010s. Possibly parents space looking at Olive together an alternate to the an ext popular name. Olive, after all, still sound current yet doesn"t run the very same risk of your baby girl share her name with fifty percent a dozen of their classmates as soon as they start school.

Given Olive"s large jump in popularity, the may eventually change. However, Olive is tho a lover name the is precious considering for her baby girl. The name comes, of course, indigenous the olive tree, as noted by Behind the Name, and also is rooted in the Latin native "oliva."

Olive doesn"t just sound sweet, yet it also has some adorable nicknames. You could nickname her own little Olive either Ollie or Liv. What could be cuter 보다 that? 

Has there ever before been a name together romantic as Juliette? The name, regardless of the extra letters, brings to psychic the heroine of the shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet — arguably one of the many beloved romances of all time. That"s only component of the draw of this name the is climb the charts in 2020.

Juliette has seen a huge bump in popularity due to the fact that 2019, follow to Baby Center, and may map at the very least some of its enhancing popularity to fact star Juliette Porter of Siesta Key as well as Natural Born Killers star Juliette Lewis.

Aside indigenous its relationships to pop society and literature, the baby girl surname Juliette has quite the history. Per Behind the Name, Juliette is a french sports of the surname Julie, which have the right to trace its roots to Julia, a feminine type of Julius which was a household name in ancient Rome. While the origin of Julius is uncertain, it may come from Jupiter, the chief deity of the roman inn gods.

Hawaiian name seem to be farming in popular in 2020. So numerous of this names are gorgeous and also lyrical, able to roll best off the tongue. Thus, it"s simple to watch why so numerous parents are being attracted names native the Aloha State — particularly the infant girl surname Alani. According to Behind the Name, the moniker method "orange (tree or fruit)" in Hawaiian, however it could likewise be seen as a variation of the surname Alana, the feminine variation of the name Alan.

Unlike the Hawaiian origin of the surname Alani, Alan"s roots are uncertain, back we recognize that they"re ancient. The surname dates ago to at least the sixth century and also may average "little rock" or "handsome" in Breton, back it might come from the old Iranian tribe the Alans. Whatever the true roots of the name are, it"s difficult to deny the Alani is a beautiful surname that would certainly suit any kind of baby girl.

While the seasonal name Autumn and Summer room far much more popular, Winter is finally beginning to view its job in the sunlight — or must we say in the snow? This baby girl name has actually seen a huge leap in popularity since 2019 and also is quickly taking over in 2020. While you could feel a little bit chilly in the direction of the name at first, Winter really does have a lot come offer.

The surname conjures increase cozy pictures of household get-togethers, vacation parties, heat fireplaces, and also snowmen, which may be why parents are turning to this seasonal moniker in droves. According to Behind the Name, the name has started to chart in England and also Wales as well as in the joined States.

While the name is fresh enough that the most recognizable human bearing the name, Ariel Winter, has it as a critical name rather than a provided name. Of course, that will likely change in the coming years together 2020 ushers in a brand-new season of Winter babies.

According come Behind the Name, Gianna is both the short form of the Italian baby name Giovanna and also a modern variation the the Greek name Ioanna. Both names can at some point be traced ago to John, which deserve to ultimately find its root in the Hebrew name Yochanan which means "Yahweh is gracious."

The name has a facility and ancient history, but that isn"t the just reason that that Gianna is taking over Baby Center"s optimal baby names for girls in 2020. Parents are likely choosing this name together a tribute to Gianna Bryant, daughter the basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Both father and daughter lost their lives in addition to seven other human being in a disastrous helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Gianna is not just a beautiful name for a baby girl, but additionally a fitting method for basketball fans to pay tribute come the late sports icon and to the Bryant family. 

Raelynn has a most parents ~ above Baby Center buzzing. The surname exploded in popular in 2020 together did the nearly-identical Raelyn. Even if it is you opt come spell the name through one "n" or two, Raelynn is just one of the hottest name of 2020 — probably in part because of the singer RaeLynn, a chart-topping singer who, according to she website, has been nominated for the Academy of nation Music"s "New female Vocalist" compensation twice.

Even if you"re not a fan of country music, though, the surname Raelynn tho holds a many appeal. Behind the Name noted that the name combines the popular suffix "lynn" through the name Rae, i beg your pardon is a shortened type of the Hebrew name Rachel which means "ewe" and has biblical roots. The name can conveniently be damaged down right into its root name and also its suffix, offering parents of infant girls called Raelynn some an excellent built-in alternatives for nicknames.

The name Catalina may be a bit of a lengthy one because that a baby girl, however thankfully the surname lends itself fairly well to nicknames like Cat and Lina so you don"t need to worry around losing the end on this lovely and also elegant moniker for the benefits of brevity.

The Spanish and Corsican form of the more widespread Katherine, as provided by Behind the Name, Catalina is the perfect name choice for parents who want to offer their tiny one a classic baby name through a bit of a contemporary feel to it. The surname is well-loved in Chile and also Romania, but is really acquisition off in the United states where it is one of the hottest name of 2020, every Baby Center user data.

Part of the factor the name Catalina is making that onto parents" radar could be because the name was brought to the notification of Apple individuals in 2019 when macOS Catalina to be released — this is the digital period after all. Both classic and also modern, parents searching for a infant girl name that merges the old and also the brand-new can"t go wrong with Catalina. 

Whether or no you"ve heard of famous YouTuber Remi Cruz, you"ll it is in recognizing at least her first name prior to long thanks to its cultivation popularity. Baby Center"s rankings present that the name Remi is cruising up the charts, making the French name one that"s going come be almost everywhere in 2020.

While Remi has actually traditionally been a masculine moniker, follow to Behind the Name that is far much more popular because that girls in England, Wales, and also the unified States. The surname Remy is a sports of Rémi, which have the right to trace its beginnings to the Latin name Remigius. Remigius is obtained from the Latin ax "remigis," definition "oarsman" or "rower."

Remy has actually a specifically rich history as fifth-century saint boring the moniker. And, of course, Remy is the name of the unforgettable protagonist that Disney"s Ratatouille — so her baby girl will have actually plenty that Remis and also Remys to draw inspiration from.

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How might you not loss in love through the surname Elliana? It"s no wonder the name is one rapidly acquiring popularity ~ above Baby Center. A spelling variation of the name Eliana, the infant girl surname is supplied in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. It stems native the French surname Éliane follow to Behind the Name. This, in turn, is thought to come native the roman inn name Aelianus, i m sorry is rooted in Aelius, a Roman family members name. When the specific origin of the name Aelius is uncertain, it might be derived from the Greek word "helios," which way "sun." What might be much better for a little girl that is the light of your life?

This glowing name additionally lends itself fairly well come nicknames, therefore if you discover Elliana a little bit too flowery because that day-to-day use it will be easy to shorten the name, maybe to Ella, Ana, or even Lia. Who doesn"t love an elegant and versatile name?

Alaia is a beautiful name that slowly began gaining traction in the so late 2010s. Rapid forward part years and also the name is poised come be among the best names that 2020. The poetic name roles ideal off the tongue, making the popular among parents of infant girls ~ above Baby Center. The name originates from Basque and way "joyful" or "happy," as listed by Behind the Name

The surname Alaia might be a loved one newcomer to the baby surname charts, however it"s most likely to thrive in popularity many thanks to the fist the surname has obtained on the renowned YouTube channel The ACE Family. The channel focuses on a Los Angeles-based family consisting of parents Austin and Catherine and their daughters Elle and Alaïa. Refinery 29 detailed that the name was one of the most-Googled name of 2018 thanks to The ACE Family and their numerous fans and it is even more popular in 2020.