What do the Fitbit icons mean? This is a very common question among most Fitbit owners. In this post, I will share the most usual Fitbit symbols and what they mean…Fitbit came up with symbols to help us understand the existing state of our health. The symbols are supposed to be an easy-to-read representation of her health and fitness.Related: best Fitbit for Women

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Fitbit Symbols an interpretation (2021 Update)

NB: The perform of Fitbit symbols listed below is not exhaustive. Also, the symbols may vary indigenous one Fitbit version to another.

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For a conclusive list of the Fitbit symbols, inspect out the Fitbit user manuals here (you first need to discover what Fitbit friend have)SymbolNameMore infoFloors climbedThis let’s you track the floors you have actually climbed. Learn more about Fitbit Floors here.Heart RateTrack her heart price day and also night.Hourly activity GoalsHelps friend cut back on your stationary time transparent the day.DistanceTrack the street covered.Calories BurnedEstimate the variety of calories burned based on the form of task and how long you to be doing itExercise AppSee real-time stats and also a workout an overview for the exercise you select
Steps TakenTrack the steps you have taken throughout the day.
Active ar MinutesCounts your time invested in any type of heart-pumping activityActive MinutesThis speak you when you have actually spent at the very least 10 constant minutes in an activity.RunFound inside the practice appOutdoor BikeFound inside the exercise appSportsFound inside the practice app
Aerobic WorkoutFound within the practice app -->