As Damon tries to make Elena remember her feelings and Caroline tries to foracquire hers, Bonnie renders a bold relocate and Jo"s backstory unfolds.

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This might simply be the finest episode of the seachild to day. It moved plotlines along and had a great Steroline heart-to-heart (and also, yes, a Delena rain kiss). We saw Bonnie again, and also Jo remained awesome. Plus, there was no Jeremy. Here we go.

So as the promo for this episode spoiled, Elena’s memories of good Damon perform not come rushing earlier as soon as she sees him at her dorm. All she remembers is the pain and also the poor things he’s done to those she cares around. She knows she loved him (cue his sweet smile) and somehow foroffered him, however she doesn’t feel anything now. Damon is surprisingly calm, which makes it all the more sad when Elena claims she is truly sorry as she closes the door in his challenge.

Damon nurses his wounds by scrallisonbrookephotography.coming about through the clinical devices in Alaric’s hospital room favor a child while they banter around his worst deeds. He knows Alaric would take earlier his obsession if he might. Jo comes in and also informs Damon—and the audience—that conserving Alaric is not an act she have the right to repeat for other vampires: It was a treatable wound, perfect timing, and the fear/adrenaline of losing the the majority of amazing guy she’s dated in a while. It’s rough out tbelow, females. She tells Damon he’ll tell no one around her rescue. “She’s bossy, I prefer her,” Damon says to Alaric. (His approval made me happy, and I was glad no one else remained in my apartment to check out it.) Jo releases Alaric—and also invites him to a hospital fundraiser.

Stefan, Enzo, and Matt, meanwhile, have actually Tripp in a Zero Dark Thirty situation. Stefan desires to kill him conveniently, Matt desires to wait for the vervain to leave his device so they have the right to simply compel him to forgain them and also leave Mystic Falls, and Enzo desires to know what Tripp’s minions are approximately (and also then kill him). Stefan smashes Tripp’s hand with a hammer and also Mr. Tough Guy sings: They’re tracking vampires, like Caroline. Stefan rushes off yet instructs Enzo to take two hrs to obtain as much information out of him as feasible and also then kill him before he becomes a liability. That’s a nice touch: At this suggest, human being have checked out enough movies to understand you must kill the negative male soon instead of talking to him.

At Whitmore, Elena tells Caroline about her lack of feelings for Damon and also his pretty eyes, and Caroline is thrilled: Since she’s providing Stefan the frifinish boot, they can both take a break from the Salvatore Brothers. Elena’s McDreamy, Liam, arrives to invite Elena to the fundraiser as his date and to tell her that the young womale she miraculously healed at the corn maze came right into the hospital for shoulder surgical treatment and doesn’t also remember getting injured. He’s going to inspect her labs to make sure she’s not an alien or super soldier.

Back at the Salvatore Mansion in 1994, Bonnie wakes up on the couch to find Kai trying to put the Ascendant earlier together. He assumes she’ll aid, however she won’t. He reminds her exactly how he have the right to simply take her magic, and she goes old college and also stabs him with a pen in the neck. While he dies (temporarily), she puts the damaged Ascendant pieces in a bag and also bolts.

Stefan shows up at Caroline’s dorm room to tell her she’s not safe, and she doesn’t desire his protection. But her mommy calls and, as you more than likely expected, Tripp’s guys have run her off the road and taken her hophase. Caroline is timeless Caroline in the ride through Stefan to Tripp’s location: The queen of company can’t understand also what kind of perkid sets a ticking clock however doesn’t know what time he set it. She’s nervous it’s currently been 2 hrs, and also Enzo won’t answer his phone. Finally he does and also defines his fingers were bloody so the touch display screen wouldn’t job-related. Ha. Enzo tells Tripp and Matt about Liz, and also Tripp states to send him via Matt to the border for the accomplish.

Like she’s in an episode of The Walking Dead, Bonnie goes scavenging in the hospital for antibiotics, pain killers, and bandperiods. She’s going to put the Ascendant earlier together herself.

At the hospital fundraiser, Tyler has volunteered as a bar-earlier to try to repay Liv for killing that dude so he wouldn’t create his werallisonbrookephotography.comolf curse. Wearing a “lame ass tie” is a sacrifice in his book. When she straigh10s it, the sparks fly. She tells him to take pride in his appearance, and also I imagine a lot of of us said, “Because we do!” at residence. Alaric and also Jo arrive, and also we gain a hint as to just how Jo had the ability to be so calm at the corn maze tragedy: She’s patented a battlearea clinical clamp, so presumably she has actually either been in a war zone or simply understands mass trauma. Damon crashes the party and clintends it’s to hang with Alaric, but he beams when he sees Elena walk in. But then she’s with Liam, who’s super smart and clinical aristocracy, according to Jo. Poor Damon watches Elena and Liam kiss, and also then Elena winds up having actually to describe why the boyfrifinish she said was dead was alive. It was simply a number of speech. Sure. Damon compels Liam to tell him how freaked out he is: “I feel a tiny threatened, yet I think I can take you,” he claims. “Confident… sexy,” Damon cracks. He sends Liam on his means to acquire Elena a glass of chardonnay, which he knows she hates, and takes her to the dance floor. Maybe he’s switched plans: If she can’t remember loving him, make her loss in love via him again?

Caroline and Stefan satisfy up via Enzo and discover Tripp passed out. Caroline and also Stefan automatically start bickering, and Enzo suddenly gets why Caroline’s been so upset because Savannah: “She hates you, bereason she doesn’t hate you at all… She’s acquired a point for you, mate,” he tells Stefan. Then he leaves. Caroline doesn’t deny it. She simply tells Stefan that whatever Enzo shelp will never be spoken of aobtain. He’s in perplexed agreement. But you men, it’s out there. I recognize it’s season 6, however it still feels favor a gift that it’s happening this shortly.

As Damon shares his gift of dance via Elena and the world, he defines just how he filled in as her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, consisting of the facts that he was “sexy as hell” and also that at one moment every little thing faded away however the two of them. Obviously, she might let herself loss right into bed through Damon. But she knows he desires things to go ago to the way they were and she can’t. She feels guilty, however he’s angry: He literally went with time and room to be through her. He never would have actually given up his memory of her, no issue what amount of pain he remained in.

Alaric and also Jo toast to being powermuch less and mundane, and also we learn she relinquiburned her magic and also put it away for safe keeping. She removed herself from a tragically dysuseful family—Kai’s? Cut to Luke showing up at the advantage through a radiologist he met at the gym. He reminds Liv that as soon as the crange calls them house, they won’t treatment if she’s in love. He sounds choose their father, she claims, which is not a compliment. She desires to be left alone with her gym fling. Yes, Liv. Get to it.

Bonnie realizes she’s missing the last item of the Ascendant right prior to Kai mirrors up at the hospital via it. We think she knocks him out, however somehow he beats her to Damon’s vehicle and also is waiting in the backseat when she gets in and also can’t acquire the engine to revolve. When he says there’s an hour till the eclipse, the teensiest component of you wonders if he’s (gulp) going to try to rape her. I suppose, you know that’s not this show, yet Kai definitely does choose to infuse some sexual undertones right into his prominence of Bonnie.

Elena ditches Liam off-camera and steals one of what appeared to be many shots Damon was having actually. She tells him absent a part of her is driving her crazy so she’s willing to attempt to create her memories and argues they job-related backward: She asks him to take her to the last location she told him she loved him. On the other hand, Kai tries to play nice with Bonnie by bringing her stuffed animal alengthy and also claiming he won’t really kill the rest of the Gemini ccooktop bereason he realizes he could’ve handled his anger better and also would provide anything to have actually his family ago. Either way, she pretends to think him and also tells him to obtain all set to go house.

Speaking of residence, the exreadjust is made. Caroline gets Liz ago, and also Tripp walks throughout the border. Slight trouble, Tripp’s throat magically gets slit and also he dies. Stefan claims Enzo have to have turned him into a vampire. Ah! That’s why Tripp was passed out when they arrived. Well, frankly, excellent for Enzo.

Bonnie does the spell, but nopoint happens. We see a drop of her blood loss on the bear, and also, in the cheesiest point on the show since that motorcycle swarm after Elena became a vampire, we learn BONNIE HAS HIDDEN HER MAGIC IN THE BEAR. As with Jo, she’s relinquished it for safe keeping. The bear is gone, and Kai is pissed.

Damon takes Elena to the Mystic Falls border and also tells her about the night she climbed right into the automobile via him prior to they died. She desires to hear somepoint happy, so he tells her there’s an ice machine in Denver that has some stories, and also about her post-graduation speech around not apologizing for loving him, and around a summer night they had together in the time of a meteor shower that acquired ruined by rain. It’s so romantic that she just gets frustrated: No matter what she learns around their relationship, she still just feels like she’s looking at a stranger. She’ll never be able to provide him what he wants. She marches herself across the border and also appears to obtain ago imeras of them together, however then she starts coughing up water and drowning. He pulls her earlier to safety and security, and she defines she was trying to break the compulsion. But he won’t hazard her life to carry out it.

Caroline insists her mother acquire viallisonbrookephotography.comed for a concussion, which gives Caroline and also Stefan time to talk about that thing they’re never meant to talk around. He asks her why she has actually a point for him, or why she did. He desires to understand how, why, and also exactly how he missed it. Why? Since as soon as she woke up as vampire, he told her she’d acquire with it and she did. Since when she watched Elena move on with Damon, she couldn’t imagine why she’d let someone choose Stefan go. Since he was her best frifinish and someone she trusted. He apologizes for not seeing it, however he doesn’t say he didn’t feel it back—he’s not certain what he felt then, his mind was so mixed up. He’s simply genuinely sorry for the way he treated her. She states she knows what he was feeling, and also it wasn’t what she was or he never before would have actually walked ameans. She doesn’t hate him for that, or for mourning Damon in a jerk manner, and also she accepts his apology. BUT, she still has to hate him because—and also this is among the most hocolony points ever before shelp on the show—if she doesn’t hate him for damaging their friendship, she hregarding hate herself for ruining it. And she thinks she deserves better than that. When one friend feels more than the various other, you need to create distance.

Damon takes Elena house, and she tells him she remembered bits and also pieces. She wants to understand what occurred after it started to rain at the meteor display. But currently his mind has actually changed: Seeing her practically die again, he realized that she’s acquiring a opportunity at that normal life she wanted prior to they acquired together. He wants her to live her life and also be happy. He loves her enough to let her go. And likallisonbrookephotography.comise to lie. He tells her as soon as it rained, it obtained cold and also muddy, and also she was miserable, so they drove house.

Alaric and also Jo head back to her location, and also when she changes out of her dress, we acquire confirmation that she is, in fact, the sister Kai took the spleen out of. Alaric isn’t scared off by a dyssensible previous. They make out on the couch. Loving these 2.

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Liam involves Elena because the girl she conserved no much longer necessary that surgery bereason her chronic injury had miraculously healed. That, combined through meeting her dead boyfriend, makes him think Elena has secrets. Either she tells him or he’ll number it out on his own. Now she’s gonna require Damon’s assist, right?

Damon walks to the household tomb, drinking his beloved bourbon. I assumed he’d lied to Elena, yet I believed the ending to the meteor shower story would be that they gained in the automobile and also had actually warm sex. Instead, they continued to be in the downpour and also kissed passionately—before and after she made him promise this partnership was forever. Gut-wrenching! Elena must recognize he’s lying because why would that memory of them have been his favorite if she were miserable?

The good nallisonbrookephotography.coms: Damon uncovered Bonnie’s bear at the tomb. It’d made the expedition because of Bonnie’s blood. He understand she’s alive. Get prepared to take earlier your power, Jo?


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