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What If You wanted To go To Heaven is one exploitable four-panel cringe image of a young posing the inquiry "What if you wanted to walk to Heaven however God stated "Nahhh, remember once you maintained scrolling?" The message refers to short articles that appear on society media feeds which effort to guilt civilization into liking castle by saying liking them increases one"s opportunities of going to heaven and also ignoring them rises the possibility they walk to hell. Edit of the original picture tend to change the critical panel the the image and are often deep-fried.


The earliest recognized variants the the phrase was posted on the /r/terriblefacebookmemes subreddit by Transmanomatic top top January 5th, 2016.<1> The image gained over 350 points and also features a little boy speak the phrase (shown below).


The image, however, is no one that would certainly be linked with the phrase in future edits. Very early version the that photo was post April 29th, 2017 through Instagram user damnyworsnop<2> and also features an older young saying the phrase (shown below).



In the complying with months, the photo would it is in deep-fried and have the last panel changed to reference miscellaneous shitpost memes such as Whoppy machine Broke and also My name Is Jeff. This was an especially popular in meme-focused subreddits such as /r/me_irl and also /r/deepfriedmemes, the last of which being where most of the to edit occurred. On may 16th, 2017, user Dab_University<3> posted an example with "Whoppy device Broke" and also gained end 260 clues (shown below, left). An additional edit featuring lord Tachanka to be posted in the subreddit by CHUTOKA_BALL<4> and also gained over 160 points (shown below, right).





<1> Reddit – /r/terriblefacebookmemes

<2> Instagram – damnyworsnop (unavailable)

<3> Reddit – Dab_University

<4> Reddit – lord Tachanka Edit

The best memes that the weekend every rounded up in one place! This previous weekend to be a mix in between political 3head take away such as "Radical Left Speedrunning," 4head mistakes through Alec Baldwin"s shooting and the 5head skills of Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd"s "Island Boy."

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