Maintaining your automobile the right means is vital to continue its lengthy lifespan. Several of the most typical questions we acquire here in ~ Donaldsons Volkswagen need to do through taking treatment of Volkswagen vehicles and here in our blog we shot to price as many of those concerns as possible. One question that has come up an especially often has to do v the form of fuel drivers should be putting in your vehicles. This can be a confuse topic because it has actually long been the legacy to usage premium fuel in VW models. But of course, premium fuel is likewise the many costly. So, if you find yourself questioning “what form of gas must I placed in my Volkswagen?” we deserve to help.

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Volkswagen Fuel Recommendations

If you have a Volkswagen automobile from 2015 or earlier, it’s likely that premium is tho the recommended fuel form for you come use. If you are unsure, girlfriend can always consult your owner manual. If you have actually a 2016 Volkswagen model, we have an excellent news for you. The majority of the 2016 VW lineup is actually transforming the heritage of premium fuel. Constant fuel is currently recommended for the adhering to 2016 Volkswagen models: the CC VR6, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Golf GTI, Golf SportWagen, Jetta, Jetta GLI, Passat VR6, and Touareg.

This method you have the right to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and save part money in ~ the pump by picking regular over premium. That course, you deserve to still choose premium fuel if you prefer. In fact, the performance ratings of many of these VW models were actually achieved with premium fuel. So that is as much as you if you’d like to use an ext economical constant fuel or premium fuel for greater performance.

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This is simply one of numerous positive transforms for the 2016 model lineup. Other changes like the Passat redesign, the enhancement of the MIB II infotainment system and App-Connect, and availability of luxury driver assistance features join this new fuel recommendation to do 2016 one incredibly exciting model year for Volkswagen. If friend have an ext questions concerning your Volkswagen vehicle’s fuel recommendation, you can feel totally free to contact our team right here at Donaldsons Volkswagen and also we’ll it is in happy to get you more information.