One of the an ext common inquiries clients ask is “What must I undertake to mine chiropractor visit?” If you have actually never to be before, it have the right to be challenging to know what the ideal thing to wear is. You want to feel comfortable ~ above your an initial chiropractic appointment, no stressed about whether you are wearing the right clothing.

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It especially involves womenwhether or not they space wearing appropriate clothing or shoes, i m sorry is understandable. No one wants to walk to a treadmill test wearing stiletto heels!

Remember to arrive early on so you can take her time filling the end the necessarypaperwork and medical background forms. Nobody likes to feeling rushed during their visit but getting here late and also then needing come fill out paperwork will influence the quantity oftime you invest with the doctor.

If this is your very first visit, opportunities are you space feeling a tiny nervous, a little bit curious, and a tiny on the exciting side. Remainder assured the you have nothing to worry about and everything to look front to!

We’ve do a list of things to mean at your very first chiropractic visit, what to wear and also what not to wear, therefore you will feel comfortable once you arrive.

Your treatment could start on the veryfirst visit, so friend will want to be prepared and also feel relaxed.


Top 5 Most frequently Asked Questions

1) will I have to Undress?

It is unlikely the you will have to undress. Occasionally, the physician will need to examine an area the the body without clothing. If this is necessary, you often only have to pull her blouse increase to disclose the ago or traction one shoulder down, etc.

Gowns are noted if the entire spine needs to be examined or if X-rays should be taken. In many cases, however, finish disrobing is not required.

If you are seeing the chiropractor for knee pain, undertake loose-fitting pants that can conveniently be rolling up to reveal the knee, such as sweatpants.

2) deserve to I Wear blue jeans to my Appointment?

Yes, you have the right to wear jeans, yet you will probably be much more comfortable in yoga pants, leggings, or other types of pants with more stretch. Most of today’s jeans room made with at least a bit ofspandex, so if her jeans space the stretchy kind, you need to be fine. Friend will want to relocate without gift constricted. Blue jeans that have actually no stretch and also are verytight should most likely not be worn.

For men, if your blue jeans are loose enough or have enough stretch thatyou deserve to pull your knee to her waist, climate they have to be comfortable enough. If your blue jeans don’t enable for that much movement, consider wearing sweatpants or various other kinds of athletic pants that have an elastic waist.

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3) must I undertake a Bra to My very first Appointment?

If you typically wear a bra and you feel comfortable wearing one, then yes. If friend don’t commonly wear a bra or if you would certainly be more content attract a sports-type bra, then wear among those.

You could end up obtaining a chiropractic massage or the doctor could use warm therapy on your first visit. If this is the case, you will should expose her back. This means that put on a bra the closes in the back, as opposed come the front closure, will provide you with more privacy and also less disrobing. Friend should likewise keep this in mind if friend wear a sporting activities bra as countless of these have actually front closures.

4) have the right to I wear a dress or Dress?

Chances room you will feel far much more comfortable wearing pants or shorts. Her chiropractor will have you lie on a table, sometimes relocating you indigenous lying top top your back to lying on your face, possibly pulling up your leg or legs. Put on skirts or dresses will finish up making you feel an ext exposed 보다 you would like.

Skorts, sometimes referred to as culottes, are more than likely OK if you feel comfortable wearing them and also they permit for a full selection of movement.

5) What form of Shoes need to I Wear?

Wear shoes that arecomfortable for you! Most civilization find that tennis shoes, sneakers, slides, or flats. Her doctor can ask you to perform certain movements or execute someexercises that involve standing. You desire your feet come feel choose they room on steady ground. It’s hard to perform jumping jacks in high heels!

If girlfriend wear orthotic shoes, be certain to carry those follow me so her chiropractor can examine them.

Men have the right to wear what they typically do but be prepared to be asked to remove heavy boots if require be.

As you have the right to see, the totality idea here is to make sure you feel comfortable and also have clothes that enables a full selection of movement. Think yoga course or relaxing in ~ home. Loose-fitting trousers or shorts, specifically those with an elastic waist, and also loose-fitting T-shirts are great choices.

Some patients feeling they need to dress up for a doctor’s appointment, but there is no need for this as soon as visiting your chiropractor.

What no to Wear

If you have ever gone to your dentist’s appointment and also realized that you more than likely shouldn’t have put on her favorite maroon lipstick, climate you acquire the idea behind this list.

Sometimes clothing and also other items that sound favor a good idea at home, don’t work-related out so fine at the chiropractor’s office.

6) Gentleman–Leave the fit Jacket and Tie at the Office

While you might concerned the chiropractor’s office directly from your organization office, you will be better off transforming into some gym clothes. Suits, ties, also button-down shirts deserve to be uncomfortable and restrictive.

7) avoid Too many Layers

While layering apparel can aid to keep you warmer, it deserve to make that very complicated for your chiropractor to make adjustments, look at her back, and also for you come move. Try wearing onethin layer, a 2nd layer, and also then a hefty coat, rather than 3 or more layers the bulky sweaters and also pullovers.


8) Junk the Jewelry

When your chiropractor has you lie on the table and also is relocating you from side to side and also front to back, chances are that earrings will certainly come undone or will poke the backs of her ears, long necklaces and also bracelets will acquire tangled in her clothing and even short necklaces deserve to break when adjustments space being done. Take it off all jewelry and put it in your bag or purse or, far better still, just leave it in ~ home.

9) Minimal Makeup

Your chiropractor provides a table that will certainly remind friend of a massage table. This way you will certainly lay challenge down throughout at least component of her exam and also adjustments. Hefty makeup will most likely be ruined. We know that some women don’t feel comfortable going the end in public there is no at the very least some makeup yet avoid heavy pancake makeup or powders on the face area. Maintaining your assembly to a minimum will make her visit much more pleasant because that you and your chiropractor.

10) Hats, Belts, and Other Accessories

We recognize that periodically hats room a necessity, especially in the winter months, yet be all set to remove them before seeing the doctor. Belts should likewise either be gotten rid of or no worn at all.

Other items, such together suspenders, watches, and blue toothearbudsshould all be removed prior to coming come the office or left at home.

Ladies- don’t wear pantyhose, shapewear, girdles, or waist-trainers to your appointment. If you wear these species of clothes regularly, girlfriend shouldtell your chiropractor what form you wear, how regularly you stay them, and also for how numerous hours each day.

You might likewise be asking: how much go a chiropractor cost?

11) What need to I lug on My first Visit?

Besides comfortable clothing and also shoes, there are a few items friend can bring that can assist your chiropractor. These include:

ahead X-rays, MRI’s, or CT scans vault diagnostic reports or doctor’s notes A list of prescription drugs you are taking A perform of additionally or over-the-counter medications Orthotic pair of shoes if friend wear them routinely The purse, backpack, briefcase, or publication bag you normally carry, along with the common items you carry daily any kind of orthotics, braces, or other tools you usage on a consistent basis A perform of your pertains to or inquiries you can have A small notebook to take notes about things your doctor tells friend or an explanation you deserve to refer to later about supplements or exercises your chiropractor can recommend


If friend would like to bring your spouse, friend, mother, sibling, or anyone else you desire for support, you re welcome feel totally free to lug them along!

Your chiropractor is trained to provide you through the professional treatment the the whole musculoskeletal frame. In addition to spinal adjustments, they can offer nutritional advice, chiropractic massage therapy, strengthening exercises, rehabilitative therapy, and more.

As you continue with chiropractic treatments, girlfriend will learn increasingly more about your body, what will certainly happen throughout your office visit, and what come wear.

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If you will be do appointments either before, throughout or ~ work, consider bringing your gym bag with you for basic change of clothing and also peace of mind. If you don’t have actually transportation to your chiropractor’s appointment in Juneau, we at Better wellness Chiropracticoffer the Get-A-Ride promise.

Be excited! feel happy! You space on your means to a healthier, happier, pain-free life!