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"Drive" is a song taped by American rock band Incubus. It was released in November 2000 as a single from their third album make Yourself. The is the band"s best hit and breakthrough single, ultimately reaching the optimal of the us Billboard contemporary Rock Tracks graph on march 3, 2001, and also number ripe on the Billboard warm 100 on July 28. It additionally reached number four in Portugal, number 13 in new Zealand, number 34 in Australia (where the is certified Gold), and also number 40 in the uk (where that is certified Silver). In 2001, "Drive" won Billboard"s compensation for modern Rock solitary of the Year. Director bill Draheim documented the make of "Drive" in "Save Me from mine Half-Life Drive".more »

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Sometimes, ns feel the are afraid of apprehension stinging clearAnd ns can"t help but questioning myself how much I"ll let the fearTake the wheel and also steerIt"s driven me beforeAnd it seems to have actually a vague, haunting mass appealBut lately i am beginning to findThat I need to be the one behind the wheelWhatever morning bringsI"ll be there with open arms and open eyesWhatever tomorrow bringsI"ll be there, I"ll be thereSo if i decide to waiver mine chanceTo be one of the hiveWill I select water end wineAnd organize my own and drive?It"s driven me beforeAnd it seems to it is in the method that anyone else gets aroundBut lately i am start to findThat when I journey myself my irradiate is foundSo everything tomorrow bringsI"ll be over there with open arms and open eyesWhatever tomorrow bringsI"ll it is in there, I"ll be thereWould you pick water end wineHold the wheel and drive?Whatever tomorrow bringsI"ll be over there with open up arms and also open eyesWhatever tomorrow bringsI"ll it is in there, I"ll be there

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Incubus an incubus (nominal form constructed native the Latin verb, incubo, incubare, or "to lie upon") is a demon in male kind who, according to a variety of mythological and also legendary traditions, lies top top sleepers, specifically women, in order to have sexual intercourse through them. Its female counterpart is the succubus. One incubus might pursue sexual relationships with a mrs in stimulate to father a child, as in the legend that Merlin. Spiritual tradition stop that repeated intercourse with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, or also death. More »

Written by: Jose Pasillas II, Alex Katunich, Michael Einziger, Christopher Kilmore, Brandon Boyd