When i Count mine Blessings i count you twice "cuz it"sa wonder come true the you"re also a part of my lifeI have actually so much to it is in thankful for and I say thanks to Godevery day and also every night but When i Count my Blessingsdarling I always count friend twice...well it"s true weoften obtain distracted with the people pulling united state in manydifferent directions however I guess: v that"s life in thebig city still favor a river that always finds that wayto the sea I always find my way back come you, friend alwaysfind your means back come me...love is no taken forgranted also when it"s not stated often sufficient we are onein the same favor an ember come a flame and also that"s onething I understand will never change...I have so much to bethankful for and I give thanks to God every day and also every nightbut when I count My Blessings ns always, I constantly countyou twice!

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In the name of the Father, the Son and The holy Spirit / ns am born again, i am ultimately at peace within and also / now I just need to shout out Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia / I have actually been conserved by the grace of the Trinity, by the / power and also the mercy, ns am forgiven that my guilty / in the name of the Father, thesignin to readmore»

»I Exalt Thee«

For so lengthy I have actually been down so low / lost in the darkness that doubt, the adversary / maintained saying girlfriend think and also you concern / method too much however Jesus said I to be the / way, the love and the life, his voice / sounded like rolling thunder, turning / my heart within out and it"s now I know / you deserve to hear me, down onsignin come readmore»

»Merry Christmas indigenous Me to You«

Well funny CHRISTMAS to YOU / native my residence to yours, ns pray it"s the / best Christmas you can ever hope because that / yet don"t forget it"s no all about the / presents under the Christmas tree / no it"s really much more about the bear of / Jesus Christ ours Lord, our Lord and / savior who was born so we might livesignin to readmore»

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