If you’ve already breezed v all 9 illustration of Fuller House Season 3, you’re more than likely thinking one thing: “Only 9 episodes? just how rude!” rather of going for the full 13-episode season favor they walk the last two times around, Fuller House’s 3rd season offered viewers four less episodes!

Except no really. Friend see, Fuller House’s 3rd season is actually that longest one to date–you’re simply not seeing every one of it at once. Instead of dropping 13 half-hours every together, Season 3 actually is composed of 18 illustration that have actually been split up into two halves. What you simply finished watching was, in fact, the an initial half of a longer-than-usual Season 3! So perhaps don’t bust out the “How rude” simply yet. However when is the rest of Season 3 comes out? space fans of the She-Wolf fill going to have to wait month (or also a year) for much more episodes?

Before we talk about what’s next for the Fuller/Tanner/Gibblers, let’s look at where we’ve been.

Does the an initial half of Season 3 finish on a cliffhanger?

Oh mylanta, does that ever! The first 9 illustration of Season 3 space tied with each other by the running subplot of Steve’s (Scott Weinger) wedding. Steve’s marrying his fiancee CJ in Japan, and we obtain episodes where Kimmy (Andrea Barber) auditions come be your wedding planner and also another whole physical comedy setup inside CJ catches Steve’s ex DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) in she wedding dress. Whoops!

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The final episode that Season 3A watch the show’s actors on their flight to Japan for the wedding, and also things get, well, complicated. DJ and Steve space still close, possibly too close as much as their current far-ranging others room concerned, and they just saw each other together in wedding attire (albeit DJ to be wearing CJ’s dress). And there’s the reality that us learned last season that DJ was actually gonna choose Steve over her existing boyfriend Matt (John Brotherton). Oh and BTW, Matt is completely planning ~ above proposing come DJ in Japan! while on the flight, Kimmy and also Steve traded seat without letting DJ (in a sleep mask) know–and that’s once DJ told that she thought to be Kimmy all her worries around seeing Steve marry who else. Other than Kimmy didn’t hear her, Steve did. Uh oh! will that destroy the wedding? are DJ and also Steve expected to be together? have actually mercy!

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So as soon as does the remainder of Season 3 come out?

Fuller home will end up up its third season on December 22, 2017.

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You actually don’t have to wait the long! In fact, if this to be the old days and also new Fuller House episodes aired every Friday on TGIF, illustration 10 of this season would certainly actually waiting on December 1–so in a way, this is kind of a throwback to exactly how TV seasons provided to work. So while it’s a little annoying that you can’t watch the entire DJ/Steve/CJ/Matt love rectangle play out at once, recognize that you’re getting 18 episodes of Fuller House this year and you don’t need to wait that much much longer for more.