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"Everytime I Hear Your Name" is a song co-created and also recorded by Amerihave the right to country music artist Keith Anderson. It was released in January 2006 as the 3rd single from his dehowever album Three Chord Counattempt and Amerideserve to Rock & Roll. Anderson composed this song through Jeffrey Steele and also Tom Hambridge. His first ballad single release, the song got to number 7 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and peaked at number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also peaking at number 97 on the Pop 100, the song ended up being Anderson"s highest-peaking single to that suggest in his career. even more »

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Fin"lly obtained over that song of ours; stopped chasin" little bit red sporting activities cars,To check the license plates an" I quit drivin" by your place.Back makin" the rounds at our old haunts Honky Tonks, restaurants.An" seein" some of our old friends it feels great to dance again.An" I have the right to fin"lly smell your perfume an" not look about the room for you.An" I can walk appropriate by your image in a structure an" not feel a point.But as soon as I hear your name,I feel rain fallin" best out of the blue sky.An" it"s the fifth of May, an" I"m appropriate tbelow starin" in your eyes.An" nothin"s readjusted, an" we"re still very same.An" I acquire lost in the innocence of a first kiss,An" I"m hangin" on to eincredibly word rollin" off of your lipsAn" that"s all it takes, an" I"m in that location,Everytime I hear your name.Got someone one-of-a-kind in my life everyone thinks she"d make a good wife.Dad says he thinks she"s the one reminds him of Mom once she was young,But it"s way also shortly to be talkin "bout rings; do not wanna rush into anypoint.She"s acquiring over someone also, kinda choose me an" you.An" she talks around him eincredibly as soon as in a while, an" I simply nod my head an" smile,"Causage I recognize exactly what she"s goin" with yeah, I"ve been there also.An" once the conversation transforms to you,I get caught in a "you were the only one for me",Kinda thought, an" your confront is all that I see.I understand I can not go ago when I still go ago.An" tright here we are, parked dvery own by the riverside,An" I"m in your arms about to make love for the first time,An" that"s all it takes, an" I"m in that area,Eextremely time I hear your name.So I"m thinkin" "bout the words I left unsaid.(Eincredibly time I hear your name.)Sheight tryin" the readjust the points I can not adjust.(Eextremely time I hear your name.)In my heart I know you"re gone, yet in my head,I feel rain fallin" ideal out of the blue sky.An" it"s the fifth of May, an" I"m right tright here starin" in your eyes.That"s all it takes, an" I"m in that area.An" tright here we are, parked down by the riverside,An" I"m in your arms around to make love for the initially time.An" I can"t define, however I"m in that place,Eincredibly time I hear your name.Eextremely time I hear your name.(Eexceptionally time I hear your name.)Oh, oh, oh, oh.(Every time I hear your name.)Ah ah.Eextremely time I hear your name.

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Keith Anderboy Keith Anderkid (born January 12, 1968) is an American nation music artist. Before signing to a record deal, Anderson was among numerous co-writers on "Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?)", a duet by Garth Brooks and George Jones, released in late 2001. Anderkid was signed as a recording artist to Arista Nashville in 2004. His deyet single "Pickin" Wildflowers" was released that year, as the lead-off track from his deyet album Three Chord Country and Amerideserve to Rock & Roll.

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Counting "Pickin" Wildflowers", the album produced a total of four hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and also was certified gold by the RIAA. even more »