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Many users who very own an Android phone seem come ask where is the favourite tray on an android device? This short article was created just because that those users, and also we will likewise provide much more info on the favorite tray

The android operating device is known for its customizability. The is packed with a many features. Amongst them, one is the ‘Favorites Tray’ ~ above android. Many new Android customers don’t know around this feature even though they space taking benefit of it all the time.

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As a result, we have actually jotted this write-up down with all the information concerning the ‘Favorites Tray’ on android smartphones. In this article, we will certainly be answering every one of your questions about the ‘Favorites Tray’ on android.

So, without wasting an ext time, let’s jump right in…

Where Is The favorite Tray On one Android Device?

FAQ around the favourite Tray top top Android Device

In this section, we will be comment a couple of questions around the ‘Favorites Tray’ ~ above android. We will try to keep the answer short and also to-the-point yet accurate. So, let’s begin…

What is the favorite Tray on Android?

Simply put, you will discover a heat of couple of icons at the bottom the the display screen of your android phone. And, that component of the screen is referred to as the ‘Favorites Tray’. Why? since this line of application icons will constantly be here.

Yes, even if you swipe ~ above the key home screen above, the home display screen will change but those icons will always be there. So, you will certainly be maybe to accessibility those icons whenever you want or whichever home display you room on.


Most that the time, the ‘Favorite Tray’ will be ~ above the bottom of the display screen of android gadgets by default. And, in many cases, the most typical icons you will uncover there will certainly be Phone/Call/Dialer, Browser, Camera, Contacts, Message, etc. On optimal of that, you deserve to customize the ‘Favorites Tray’ in plenty of ways. We will talk all around this next.

Where Is The favorite Tray On one Android Device?

As we have actually just told you, the ‘Favorites Tray’ will certainly be on the bottom that the home display of her android phone’s screen. That is the area the the screen where the most frequently used application icons are uncovered by default. That is there so the you can accessibility those apps best from the home display wherever you want to.

How come Remove app Icons indigenous the favourite Tray on Android?

You know that her phone manufacturer will collection the home screen of your android phone to your liking. So, girlfriend will have the ability to use the phone just by turning it on after buying it.

In the case, castle will also organize the ‘Favorites Tray’ by default. But you can not prefer it that way. Therefore you room going to readjust it. And, in the process, you have the right to remove any app symbol from there. Here’s exactly how to execute it…

Steps come Follow

We assume the you are going to eliminate the Call/Dialer application icon indigenous the ‘Favorites Tray’So tap and hold on come that symbol from the ‘Favorites Tray’. In doing so, you will view a few overlay alternatives will appear on the screen. That means now you will be able to drag the icon nowThus, drag the symbol from its place to the home screen and let walk of the screen to ar the icon on the house screenNow, the location where that symbol was will certainly be empty and also you have the right to remove the icon from your house screen too if you desire toUsing this method, you deserve to remove every one of the application icons indigenous the ‘Favorites Tray’. But the ‘App Drawer’ symbol cannot be removed. We will certainly talk around this later

How to placed an Android application Icon in the favourite Tray?

Yes, like numerous things ~ above Android, you can also customize the ‘Favorites Tray’ area on your phone. By default, there will certainly be 4 come 5 app icons top top there. But you can add new icons by instead of the old persons easily.


We have currently shown how to remove an application icon native the ‘Favorites Tray’. So, we will assume that you have already removed an app icon native the ‘Favorites Tray’ and also the place is empty. Next, you have to follow the procedures below.

Steps to Follow

Let simply say the you will add one icon namely the ‘Calendar’ application iconSo, walk to the ‘App Drawer’ or home screen wherever the ‘Calendar’ application icon isNow, tap and hold the symbol until the overlay menu shows up on the screen. This will indicate that you have the right to drag the symbol nowSo, traction the icon from its ar to the empty place on the ‘Favorites Tray’ and also let go of itThat is it. Now the ‘Calendar’ app icon will certainly be top top the ‘Favorites Tray’By repeating the exact same steps, you have the right to add an ext icons to the ‘Favorites Tray’ without any kind of issue

Can I remove the favorites Tray top top Android?

Ok, countless android users have actually been asking that whether the is feasible to eliminate the ‘Favorites Tray’ altogether. Interestingly, the answer to this concern is both – Yes and No. Allow me explain! first of all, it relies on the launcher you room using. Typically, there room two varieties of launchers such as the share launcher and any 3rd party launchers.

Now, relying on the brand and also Android version of her phone, the stock launcher will vary. So, if you are using a Samsung Android phone, the share launcher the this phone will certainly be various from other phone brands choose Honor, or Oppo.

For example, Samsung usually supplies the ‘One UI’, whereas the Honor supplies the ‘EMUI’ user interface. Likewise, most of the various brands usage their own custom UI for their android phones.

Typically, her home display has one ‘App Drawer’ icon or ‘Apps Button’, then you can’t remove the ‘App Drawer’ icon fully by just dragging and also dropping it.

Yes, various other than that, you have the right to remove all of the other application icons top top the ‘Favorites Tray’. However, if your ‘Favorites Tray’ doesn’t have an ‘App Drawer’ icon, then just removing all the other app icons top top the ‘Favorites Tray’ will remove the ‘Favorites Tray’ completely.


For her information, the ‘App Drawer’ icon is the icon you tap to access all that the apps on your android phone. Over there are numerous launchers the don’t have the ‘App Drawer’ icon. In that case, you will have to swipe up on the home display to carry out the list of every the apps on your phone.

Once again, over there are countless launchers (stock/3rd party) where you can choose to save the ‘App Drawer’ symbol on the ‘Favorites Tray’.

In that case, if you desire to eliminate the ‘Favorites Tray’ you will need to remove the ‘App Drawer’ icon first. Climate you will be able to remove the ‘Favorites Tray’. We will elaborate on this object in the next section.

How to remove Favorites Tray on Android Completely?

So, we have actually just said you that it is possible to get rid of the ‘Favorites Tray’ on android. But it is not possible in plenty of android devices relying on their model and also the UI or the launcher they room using. However the actions of removing the ‘Favorites Tray’ is pretty straightforward.

Let’s say, there is no ‘App Drawer’ icon or ‘Apps Button’ on the ‘Favorites Tray’, then you have the right to remove every one of the application icons native the ‘Favorites Tray’. Simply, removing every one of the app coins native ‘Favorites Tray’ will also remove the ‘Favorites Tray’.

But stop say, her phone has the ‘App Drawer’ icon, climate what have to you do? There are 2 options to this. First, many launchers have actually the alternative to remove or hide the ‘App Drawer’ icon. So, if the is the case for you, first you will need to hide the ‘App Drawer’ icon.

The process of hiding the Apps button is different for every brand. However, we will certainly share a generic technique that need to be a bit typical for every the various android phone brands. Here’s just how to hide the ‘App Drawer’ icon from the ‘Favorites Tray’.

Steps to Follow

Simply tap and also hold ~ above to any kind of empty space of the home screen on your phone. Now you will see a couple of options have appeared on the bottom of the screenAmong them, one will certainly be ‘Home screen settings’, therefore tap top top itIn act so, you will be taken to the home screen settings page. Now, you will have actually to uncover an option called ‘Apps Button’ or ‘App drawer Icon’. It will vary depending on the launcher or call you space usingOnce you have found that option, tap on itNext, you have actually to pick the ‘Hide Apps Button’ or ‘Hide application Drawer’ option

That is it. From now on, the ‘Apps button’ will be hidden and will not appear on the ‘Favorites Tray’. So, you have the right to just remove all the other app icons indigenous the ‘Favorites Tray’ to remove the ‘Favorites Tray’ itself.


Now, the 2nd solution to this worry of not being may be to eliminate the ‘App Drawer’ icon is to usage a third party launcher. There room a many of 3rd party launchers available in the beat Store. Girlfriend can try any one of those. In most of these 3rd party launchers, the ‘App Drawer’ symbol is not available by default.

And in situation if that is available, friend can likewise hide that in the launcher settings. So, after ~ hiding it, you will be able to get rid that the ‘Favorites Tray’ by removing all the other app icons ~ above the ‘Favorites Tray’.

How to restore Favorites Tray top top Android?

Let’s say, girlfriend have obtained rid of the ‘Favorites Tray’. But now you desire to lug it back. So, that is feasible to reclaim the ‘Favorites Tray’ on android? The price is – Yes. Friend can easily bring back the ‘Favorites Tray’ once you have removed it. How?


Simply, start to add app symbols to the area where the ‘Favorites Tray’ was. So, drag and drop the application icons you want to have actually on the ‘Favorites Tray’ one by one and you will view the ‘Favorites Tray’ has showed up again. Simple, isn’t it?

How to create and add Folders to ‘Favorites Tray’ ~ above Android?

Typically, friend will view that there room 4 to 5 application icons top top the ‘Favorites Tray’. Yet what if you wanted to access an ext apps indigenous the ‘Favorites Tray’? Fortunately, over there is a very straightforward technique of law it. And that is by including ‘Folders’ to the ‘Favorites Tray’. There space 2 ways to carry out this.

First, girlfriend can create folders of application icons and shortcuts first. And then include them come ‘Favorites Tray’. Or you can directly develop the folders top top the ‘Favorites Tray’. Here’s just how to perform it…

Steps to Follow

Let’s say you room going to add a new folder come the ‘Favorites Tray’ with all the entertainment-related apps such together YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime Video, YouTube Music, etc.So first, tap and also hold on one icon and drag it come the residence screen. Next, drag and move another icon to the residence screen however you need to put the symbol over the previous symbol you have carried to the residence screen. That method a brand-new folder will certainly be createdNow, you can bring every one of the other related apps or apps you want to include to this folder one by one and let go of the icons once her finger is end the folderNext, you need to long-press the folder and also drag it to the ‘Favorites Tray’. The is how you add a folder come the ‘Favorites Tray’


If you desire you can readjust the name of the folder as well. Simply, tap ~ above the folder and it will open with every the application icons. Currently on the optimal or bottom the the app icons, girlfriend will view the name of the folder. By default, the name can be ‘Folder 1’ or ‘New Folder’, etc.So tap ~ above the default surname of the folder and you will see that the virtual key-board on your screen will appear. Simply, kind on the new name the the folder as you likeAnother way is to create the folder straight on the ‘Favorites Tray’In that case, girlfriend will need to drag and also drop the app icons you desire to add to the folder straight over the icon or folder you have actually on the ‘Favorites Tray’. The folder will be immediately createdThen you deserve to add new app icons and also rename the folder to her likingYou can likewise add brand-new app symbols to a folder by opening the folder and tapping top top the ‘Add’ button inside the folderThen friend a perform of every the apps the will show up on the screen. Girlfriend can pick multiple application icons in ~ the same time in this way. This is a very fast way to add brand-new app icons or shortcuts come a new folder

Sum Up

If you are a brand-new android user, you can not be conscious of the favourite Tray top top android. However, in many cases, friend are currently using it together it come by default on every android phone.

It is one of the many prevalent attributes of android devices. Here, we have actually tried to share detailed information about this feature. Us hope this write-up will remove all the confusion of yours about the ‘Favorites Tray’ on her android phone.

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Still, if girlfriend have additional questions about it, you can leave her comments under below! us would favor to answer every one of these questions. As usual, don’t forget come share this post with other android users.