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Hi males I have a pretty simple question.Im trying to find out wherein the module because that keyless remote entry is located. I have actually tried asking in old threads yet that hasnt worked. My local salvage yard has two rav4 from roughly our years and i desire to shot and discover if one of these 2 cars have actually keyless remote entry from manufacturing facility so i deserve to swap it right into my vehicle but ns cannot uncover the place of claimed module in the auto can everyone help? :lol:

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I think it could be a small black/plastic crate attached come the carpeting under the driver"s chair (with a wiring harness running from it).
i unfortunately do not have actually a hands-on handy, ravman carry out you have a security system or perform you have actually a keyless entry?

I"ve gained the oem protection system. The mind is under the driver"s chair
Did you look there yet :?
well ravman thats the thing the oem protection module in most toyotas is under teh seat and usually requires an extra wiring harness. The oem keyless mechanism from what ive heard is usually put in a different location and from what ive hear walk not need an extra harness
Looks favor I happen to be in search of the same info yet for a 4.3 (2007). I"d assume they may have left the module in the same location from generation come generation so think about this a bang to the object to see if we can acquire an answer.Thanks
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The ar of the keyless entrance ECU is behind the driver next panel in the cargo area.The ECU is situated next come the fuel door opening latch. If you have keyless entry there will certainly be a box through wires (3 if I"m not mistaken) and also a plug. If friend don"t have it, climate there will simply be a plug and wires.
The 2006-2008 has the door lock receiver located on the passenger next rear, between the jack storage area and taillight. I don"t recognize if it would certainly be in the same place on the 2002.
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Here"s a picture from integra77"s dis-assembly the his RAV4. Check out the finish of the jack sticking up? monitor that straight up and also you"ll see a small beige box with a white plug. That"s the remote keyless receiver.
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Wow, naught ambiguous about that. A snapshot is really is worth a thousand words. Thanks for share the photo.

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wow to both corrado and also junebug thanks for your aid unfortunately mine rav is a 4.1 at the very least i have the right to guess that if one has actually the module that in the very back lol,, anyone else? treatment to help? going to the salvage yard will need to wait it rotates prob tuesday as i dont have a day off any time soon
i have actually one much more thing anyone understand of everyone that has actually a 4.1 rav with simply keyless entry no alarm system?
any opportunity you can get the components numbers? might be a mute allude now due to the fact that i installed an after market option but i would gladly rip it the end for the oem
Bump... Don"t see solution for the 4.1The RS3000/RS3200 (port/dealer-installed) for most models the this vintage is typically under the driver"s seat. Will certainly look tonight.Anyone have any idea where the factory KRE non-alarm recipient is? I"ve watched them under the armrest, and also under the radio, just don"t recognize where to look top top the 4.1.The auto is one of the barest 4.1"s we"ve seen... Hands-on trans, no sunroof, no abs, rear drums, etc. Wouldn"t it is in surprised if the auto never come with factory KRE or port RS system, however the seller looks favor someone who would buy provided without fobs or shed them all, and also take that together normal.Thanks!
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