Sick of all the digital "tutorials" on where to find resources saying "Whoa go you recognize you have the right to put this tiny magnifying glass ~ above stuff the you desire to find? Wow Cool Great!"

I need hundred, ideally hundreds of Copper (and oil for the matter, yet at the very least cutting fluid can be crafted). And as far as I've seen there are not "Shipment that Copper" notes in any kind of vendors.

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Anyone acquired any an excellent secrets wherein to seriously pack up top top Copper?


Well, execute you usage purified water for her wasteland empire?

If so, KLEO at great neighbor and Arturo at Diamond City market it, and you can use your boundless water/cap supply to get ALL the copper you want. You will need to do some quick traveling and also time killing to get restock

Thanks for the reference. Yea I'm sitting on nearly 50,000 cap without having actually sold a solitary one of my ∞ pure waters. So caps aren't an issue. Yet I had actually trouble recognize shipments, seems favor I'll have to look a small harder. Thanks again

I understand there's at least one shipment of copper available in Diamond City. Ns forget which vendor, ns think probably the total seller.

Also, it's time consuming, yet make a list of all the junk, gun, general item, ect merchants you know and fast travel to each one. Buy up every the telephones, batteries, strength connectors, ect for the copper. If you have actually the caps friend can construct the level 2 or 3 general item shops in her settlements and buy copper junk from them too. The takes a while yet at 5-10ish copper per vendor per visit that can add up nice quickly.

Also don't forget that through the scrapper perk pipeline rifles and some upgraded pipe pistols can yield 1-3 copper each.

Yea I've definitely got the capital however I seem to it is in netting favor 3-5 copper per merchant and the loading screens nearly make it no worth it. I've got Scrapper 2 and it might be my favorite perk I've invested in lol. Still v all the generators, water purifiers, wiring, electronics I'm blowing v copper much faster than I can accumulate it.

Hospitals and science labs (like Cambridge Polymer Labs) room a an excellent source of copper. Also, if you haven't already, obtain Scrapper 2 and set it to track Copper. There space SO plenty of sources the copper that you'd normally overlook due to the fact that they don't look favor they'd be copper (Cooking Pots, manufacturer Stands, etc)

There's a parking garage beside Medford Hospital/Fallon's Department store that renders for wonderful copper source. Quickly over 100 in there, i think. Ns won't damn it what's there and also why there's so much copper, however you should inspect it the end :P

*Milton basic Hospital

On the add to side, after practically 2 hours, ns am now very acquainted with the whole area about the Medford Hospital.

I'm an ext surprised that as soon as checking for copper shipments, he wrote the game off as having none before checking the main city.

Get the copper shipment and do the shipment glitch. If you don't desire to perform that the Cabot residence is a an excellent place because that copper. You can net 25 everytim friend go and everything in the house respawns precise every in game day!

Weapon merchant at diamond city. Assaultron in ~ goodneighbor. Basic stores with items that offer copper. Pipe Rifles.

if you walk to Arturo and buy a shipment, sit top top the chairs in the facility of the town, and wait 48 hours, he will certainly restock, on every little thing you buy, however i had actually the same problem, so i bought 8 shipments and also did the duplicating glitch

I'm relatively certain there room shipments for sale in Diamond City & great Neighbor.

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However, I almost always have a plethora that copper indigenous the Scrapper Perk (INT 5) and also pipe weapons. Considering that enemies continually autumn them also at greater levels, ns farm them and also break them down for both copper and screws.


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