Survival drama The Shallows filmed partially on a remote Australian island come tell the story that a young surfer terrorised through a shark.

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Survival drama The Shallows filmed partially on a remote Australian island come tell the story that a young surfer terrorised by a shark.

Blake lively stars together a woman that becomes stranded top top a little rocky outcrop just 200 yards indigenous the shore as the shark patrols the water about her.


The Shallows came to be the very first large-scale film production to shoot scenes on the remote lord Howe Island, which lies 600 nautical miles east of Sydney in the Tasman Sea.

Lord Howe Island is a woodland Reserve and a UNESCO civilization Heritage website administered by the federal government of new South Wales in Australia.

“It’s governed by a nationwide park, all the waters approximately it are governed through a naval park, and all of the civilization who live on the island are fifth- and sixth-generation islanders, who bring a deep and also intrinsic value to everything that happens,” claimed Duncan Jones, the film’s ar manager. “The location is really the heart and soul that the film.”

The manufacturing team chartered 45 landing barges to bring filming tools to the island and also transported 100 crew because that the ten-day ar shoot.

Dedicated pathways had actually to be collection into the beach for a single-file i of crew so that the untouched, virginal figure of the sand can be sustained quite than being extended in dozens of footprints during set ups.


Filming in water – and also especially open water – is notoriously an overwhelming and this to be no different for The Shallows. Picture stability was an especially important because that dialogue scenes and also the camera had to be steadied top top a boat-mounted crane while Lively was organized still in the water by divers to protect against her drifting out of shot during a take.

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The Shallows additionally filmed at the key water tank basic at town Roadshow Studios in Queensland, i m sorry is the largest of its kind in Australia at nearly 13,000 sq ft.

Australia is a popular international filming place that has attracted major studio productions choose Pirates the the Caribbean 5 and Marvel"s superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok. However, the government has confronted persistent calls to increase its 16.5% ar Offset – a significant facet of the country’s federal filming catalyst support – which producers frequently argue is too low to complete internationally.