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Transcribed picture text: 3) i beg your pardon statement around Co2 is false? its concentration in the blood is lessened by hyperventilation. B) Its accumulation in the blood is connected with a to decrease in ph. C) Co2 concentration are greater in venous blood 보다 arterial blood fore CO2 disappear in the blood plasma than is lugged in the RBC 4) regulatory or Suppressor T cells A) may function in avoiding autoimmune reactions and preven B) to decrease their activity as antigenic economic stimulation decreases C) are the most thoroughly taken T cells D) release cytokines that rise the task of cytotoxic T cells and also activated B cell t over active immune res po 5) i beg your pardon of the adhering to is no true the the respiratory tract indigenous the medium bronchi come the alveoli? -A) Lining that the tubes changes from ciliated columnar to an easy squamous epithelium in the alveoli. B) Cartilage progressively decreases and also disappears at the bronchioles. C) Proportionally, smooth muscle to reduce uniformly D) Resistance come air circulation increases because of the increase in cross-sectional diameter 6) i beg your pardon respiratory-associated muscles would contract if you were to forcibly blow up a balloon? A) interior intercostals and ab muscles would contract B) outside intercostals would contract and also diaphragm would certainly relax C) diaphragm would contract, exterior intercostals would relax D) diaphragm contracts, internal intercostals would relax 7) B lymphocytes develop immunocompetence in the marrowB) thymus C) lymph nodes D) spleen 8) through the Bohr effect, an ext oxygen is released in tissues because A) an increase in pH (alkalosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond B) rise in pH (alkalosis) weakens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond C) a diminish in pH (acidosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond D) a to decrease in pH (acidosis) weakens the hemoglobin-oxygen shortcut 9) choose the exactly statement regarding blood cell formation. A) Yellow marrow is the key site of leukocyte formation.

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B) The key sites that blood cabinet prodion in adults room the spleen and the liver. C Red marrow is the key site of biood cell formation throughout adult life D) prior to the seventh month the fetal development, yellow marrow is the main site that blood cell formation marroW ns