Question 1/10You’ve gone into the “Good Place.” what’s the first thing girlfriend do?Meet your soulmateGo to your one-of-a-kind houseExplore the areaBond v neighborsFind some food

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Question 2/10Pick a celebrity you’d want to fulfill in the “Good Place”:Taylor SwiftOprahHarry StylesTom HanksDwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Question 3/10What’s your greatest pet peeve?Slow walkersPeople who chew through their mouths openSlow internetSnoringPaying for parking
Question 4/10You discover out you in the “Bad Place.” exactly how did you many likely gain there?You cheated on her spouseYou treated your friends poorlyYou stole moneyYou didn’t worth people’s timeYou got mixed up v the not correct crowd
Question 5/10Pick her favorite frozen yogurt flavor:PineappleBrownie BatterVanillaStrawberryAll the flavors, ns can’t decide
Question 6/10What would your house in the “Good Place” watch like?A warm bungalow through a former porchA contemporary home with incredible architectureA mansion through a large poolA Mediterranean-style home with numerous treesColonial v a gorgeous backyard
Question 8/10They speak you’re in the “Good Place,” but you’re yes, really in the “Bad Place.” What would the telltale authorize be?They play a musical artist you despiseYour soulmate is super annoyingThey run out of your favorite frozen yogurt flavorThe residence you’re living in isn’t your styleYour favorite sports team is still really bad
Question 9/10What’s something you love that you know will send you to the “Bad Place?”Reality televisionSocial mediaNickelbackReclining your seat on one airplaneEating in bed
Question 10/10Pick an additional popular sitcom:Brooklyn Nine-NineBlack-ishThe OfficeNew GirlParks and also Recreation

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About This Quiz

The good Place characters are a quirky bunch. Room you adventurous and also fun choose Eleanor, or room you intellectual and kind choose Chidi? take this The great Place quiz to find out which character you’re many like!

"The great Place" personalities make it one of the funniest and most innovative sitcoms come come out in current years. The personalities on the show are so complicated! if every The good Place character has positive qualities, they additionally have a many they should work on (just like all of us). Take this quiz to uncover out which unique character from the cast of The an excellent Place you yes, really are: Chidi Anagonye, Eleanor Shellstrop, or negative Janet? Or execute you belong in the bad Place?