Actress and comedian Whitney Cummings is the smart, funny, outspoken friend you can constantly rely on come tell you the truth—even when it hurts—but always with a next of laughter. Top top a recent Zoom call, I obtained to chat v the 38-year-old stand-up pro and also podcast host around her life cultivation up, her secret skin-care launch and why she determined to companion with contraceptive brand Annovera. And also yes, i was giggling choose a institution girl the entirety time.

What led girlfriend to go after comedy?Bad childhood. A the majority of elephants in the life room. Where’s mom? Who’s this mrs picking me increase from school? ns think in my generation, at least for me, the males in the family didn’t really understand what to do with your daughters. It wasn’t till I began really seriously playing sports and going right into locker rooms with various other girls that I had the ability to say, yes sir that’s a tampon, that’s a pad, that’s sex. Us didn’t have a “talk.” There to be no YouTube videos you could watch to number out, am i weird? Is this normal? we didn’t have any of that. That’s why I’m so proud to be working through Annovera ~ above this campaign since the idea is “Just speak Vagina,” don’t apologize about it. This inherited and socially created shame about our bodies has obtained to stop.

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I didn’t think I’d it is in a comedian. I assumed I was going to be a lawyer or a journalist. I really just wanted to gain to the fact of things. As soon as someone would say “hoo ha,” i was the person at the table who would say, “Why not simply say vagina?” I’m favor obsessed through justice. Ns think a many comedians are like that. Prefer why is every birth control in a pink container? Why execute all women need to like pink? What room we, five? and also then I get stuck in my head over something. And when I’d to speak stuff choose that, world would laugh, and I to be like, oh, ns guess I’m funny. Ns wasn’t trying to it is in funny; i was gift serious. Then I started doing stand-up, and also I want to to speak the most outrageous things, due to the fact that that’s what we do, and also I wanted to shock people and also surprise people. I’d speak “vagina” and also the audience would certainly go “eww” and all the comics would be like, “Ew, a girl talking about vaginas,” and also acted like it to be cheap, dirty and also raunchy. Come on, do I really have to talk around airplane food? for me, I wanted to execute stand-up because I want to be seen and heard. I wanted to protect against feeling alone and weird. Speak something that civilization would never say out loud and also then having civilization laugh, makes you think, yes I’m not crazy. We’re for this reason conditioned to think that we’re crazy. For me, I gain to have actually a bunch that friends because that an hour. Then ns did a special about birth control, so that all type of organically settled with this campaign.

Most marketing campaigns for birth control are geared toward Gen Z and also young millennials. Why is it essential to you come be part of this now?When i was younger, you simply guessed. The physician would give you every little thing thing the pharmaceutical company was payment them to give you. Climate you’d take it because you didn’t know, and you couldn’t research study it ~ above Google, and also I couldn’t yes, really tell my parents i was on bear control—it was like a nightmare. I’m simply so excited for this following generation of women to not have to go v 10 year of migraines and pregnancies castle aren’t all set for and stress and unnecessary anxiety. Now they have the tools. There’s a website dubbed “Just say Vagina.” how cool is that? There’s also an app with this one the tells you when to take it out and also when to put it in and when to gain a brand-new one. And also it’s annual, so ns only have to think around it when a year, and also I love that since I have enough plates spinning.

I simply don’t desire this next generation of females to waste their life force and their bandwidth worrying about, “Did ns take it? What time ar am i in? i think ns took one, but was that the placebo?” You have bigger fish to fry and you’re placed on this earth to do much more than attend to the rigmarole of a migraine because you didn’t take her birth manage at the exact time friend were an alleged to due to the fact that you were busy pitching one idea to an investor.


How perform we make this conversation much more mainstream?I think we’re act it. I think it’s about access, and Instagram is doing it and also podcasts room doing it. Cardi B was in the ago of her auto just talk s***, and now she’s Cardi B. Ns think it’s happening. Anyone is like, “Women don’t have actually a voice.” It’s like, no, simply use it! I checked out your Instagram and there room no write-ups with girlfriend talking. You have actually one, use it! It’s understanding when you have actually leverage and also power and then actually making use of it. On my podcast, we have actually women on and also we talk about all this ingredient like, “Was that a hemorrhoid?” It’s the end there—you can discover it now.

You’re a self-proclaimed open book about so numerous things, consisting of beauty treatments. Thank you because that sharing in a human being where so many celebrities don’t.My point is, simply tell the truth. On my special, I said I obtained breast implants due to the fact that of my eat disorder, and I talked about getting Botox here for migraines, i beg your pardon didn’t yes, really work. I gain filler ~ above this side of mine nose, and I acquired Ultherapy. I just don’t lie. Ns don’t want to pretend. I just don’t obtain it. No one offers you a inspect when you speak you shed weight just by walking her dog ~ above the beach. It’s like, you have a trainer, you only drink celery juice, etc. I think it’s so lot cooler when you say every the things you do. I desire to be prefer the Peter Pan the self-care and also health and also beauty—to obtain all the secrets and then re-superstructure them v everybody else. I guess there’s part weird shame about being human?

What about skin care? What do you love? I simply did my girlfriend Esther’s podcast, Glowing Up, and also I said I’m coming out with a skin oil following year.

Wait, you’re coming out through a skin oil? Is that a secret?Kind of. It’s no out yet, yet it’s in the works. My mom functioned in a room store, so when I was 10, i would go after school and also hang out with all the cosmetic respond to girls in ~ Estée Lauder and also Sisley and Shiseido. My mother would gain all this amazing cost-free samples and also I would shot them and play through them. My mother was just amazing about her skin. I would certainly watch her apply skin care and also she’d always go up, up, up, never ever down. She constantly had sunscreen on, and also gloves in the car. I just watched her and also got sort of obsessed v it.

Then I had actually a big struggle through acne and was on Accutane—I had an adversarial partnership with my face due to the fact that your skin is your confidence. It’s no superficial to desire to have great skin. It’s your first introduction to someone. I used to pretend i was sick and also not walk to school if I had a large cystic zit. Even if someone else can’t watch it, it feels substantial to you. I just struggled with it for so long and also it gained so boring. Ns realized that ns was drying my confront out with retinol and also salicylic acid, and also popping and squeezing. Then i started trying out with oils, and I supplied this very odd mix of oils and it helped. Through my product, I want to put all the oils in one place for $40 bucks—instead of five bottles.

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Any various other beauty commodities you swear by?Grape seed oil is choose my main thing. I just buy that at totality Foods. I likewise use olive oil and coconut oil every the time. I put olive oil in mine coffee. Ns love Epara—it’s a black-owned brand the I newly discovered—and they have an remarkable oil. And also Glycelene. Boy name Duff sent out it come me after ~ she did mine podcast. It’s vegan, natural, organic. I didn’t realize a lot of the points I to be using had actually lanolin in them and I to be like, eh. I additionally keep oil everywhere, the method we do Purel. I have actually one in every room and I dab the on every day. In the center of the night when I pee, I have actually one there.