So you’re pre-approved because that a mortgage, you’ve uncovered the perfect house, and also your agent has helped you create an irresistible sell … now what?

Buying a house deserve to feel stressful in the ideal of circumstances, and more so when you’re not rather sure what’s happening behind the scenes. While a great agent will carry out their best to make certain you understand the procedure every step of the way, it’s completely normal to have questions — particularly when it pertains to who in reality delivers the offer to the seller.

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To assist take the mystery out the what deserve to be a nerve-racking wait game, we’re break down specifically what goes into an offer and how that information gets come the seller of your hopeful following home. We’ve also talked with Jennifer Young, a top agent based in Cincinnati, Ohio, v 19 years of experience, for her tips and insight.

Let’s destruction in, starting with a quick recap the the essential elements of a transaction:

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Ready to do a deal?

Now that you understand specifically how an market is yielded to the seller, you may be feeling ready to relocate forward with your house-hunting process.

To make things easier on you yourself (and your agent),Young argues making a list of your height three or four non-negotiable must-haves, then widening on that v a ranked list of needs and also wants.

“This way, as soon as we go to a house and it meets every the non-negotiables and maybe has a few of the top requirements or wants, we’ll recognize that we require to consider putting in one offer appropriate away,” claims Young.

She’s additionally been encouraging her the person who lives clients come look for residences priced $10,000 come $15,000 below their preferably threshold. This offers wiggle room for making a greater offer and also improving your possibilities of to win over contending buyers.

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Above all, store a level head — especially if she in a frenzied market.

“I’m just telling world that they’ve obtained to recognize that this is a company deal,” states Young. “Don’t get emotionally attached to any property, due to the fact that we just don’t understand if we’re going to victory it or not.”