AlexisBledel spent 7 years depicting Rory Gilmore prior to reprising her duty inthe Netflix rebirth GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life. GilmoreGirls was Bledel’s an initial acting role, and the personality of Rory apparently hasa special place in her heart. That doesn’t typical she was constantly thrilled withhow her character to be portrayed, though. One of Rory’s many controversialstorylines associated Rory shedding her virginity to her married ex-boyfriend, DeanForrester. Bledel opened up up about the storyline, admitting the it may havebeen a little bit of an “overcorrection.”

Rory Gilmore slept v her married ex-boyfriend in ashocking step

In the final two episodes of season 4, Roryand Dean engaged in a little of a flirtation. Dean, who had married Lindsayless than a year earlier, was plainly still hung increase on his ex-girlfriend.Eventually, your flirtation boiled over into full-blown cheating as soon as Deanapproached Rory in her house, while no one else to be home. The 2 slept togetherfor the an initial time in Rory’s room, then because that a second time the adhering to day atMiss Patty’s dance studio.

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Rory took turn off to Europe to avoid the entire situation butlater sent a letter to Dean about the incident. That letter was discovered byLindsay and led to Dean’sdivorce. Eventually, Rory and also Dean got earlier together, yet it becamepainfully obvious, quite quickly, the they were no much longer on the same level.Their relationship finished for the final time in Emily and Richard Gilmore’s driveway.

Alexis Bledel cases the whole storyline felt choose anovercorrection

Bledel test to define the storyline come Jimmy Fallonduring an appearance on TheTonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the 2016 interview, Bledel admittedthe script had shocked her since Rory’s decision to sleep v Dean appeared soout the character. Viewers re-publishing Bledel’s think on the storyline. Most fans seemto agree that resting with Dean showed up to go versus everything Rory stoodfor. In fact, it’s one of Rory’s most disliked storylines.


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Bledel went on to define that she believes the Dean andRory storyline to be a enormous overcorrection. She claimed that Rory had been such a“good girl” because that the very first four seasons of the show, that something had actually to be doneto do her a bit much more human. The following fight that followed with she mother,Lorelai Gilmore, additionally proved the both Rory and also Lorelai weren’t perfect, and also didn’talways nail theirmother-daughter relationship. Bledel admitted the Amy Sherman-Palladino mighthave gone a little bit too far with the storyline, though, claiming that maybe itwas a little bit of one “overcorrection.”

Alexis Bledel didn’t treatment for the final four words of therevival, either

In the revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Rorywas rootless and floundering. Her career hadn’t worked out, she was engaging inan affair v her soon-to-be-married ex, Logan Huntzberger, and also she was navigatinglife without she ever-present grandfather, Richard. In the last scene that the four-partspecial, Rory said Lorelai that she was pregnant. Sherman-Palladino left thepaternity that that boy shrouded in mystery, but most pan assume Loganis the father of Rory’s baby.

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Bledel, in an interview around the revival, admitted shewasn’t crazy with just how the one-of-a-kind ended. She stated she had hoped Rory wouldhave rallied and figured out her life, but that no happen. Over there is alwaysa chance for Rory come redeem it s her in a second revival, although over there is noword on whether or not that will ever before happen.