Jonathan goff is an American actor and singer who gained fame because that his iconic theatre performance in the 2006 Broadway manufacturing ofSpring Awakening.Groff’s star turn earned that a Tony compensation nomination for best Actor in a Musical. In 2010, Jonathan joinedGlee’scast together a guest star, and also a couple of years later, the starred together Ian Todd in the Starz seriesBoss.

In 2013, Jonathan voiced the Frozen character Kristoff, a rough mountain man who served as Anna’s love interest. Complying with the stunning advertisement success of the film, Jonathan reprised his duty in the short film, Frozen Fever. In 2015, groff made a triumphant return to Broadway as King George III in Hamilton

This piece will look in ~ Jonathan’s love life. We deserve to confirm that he is no married.

Jonathan’s mom virtually ruined his romance v his present boyfriend Corey Baker


Jonathan had no idea the he would come out publicly prior to the finish of the national Equality march of 2009. The hadn’t consulted anyone about coming out once a Broadway reporter approached him and asked: “Are girlfriend gay?” However, Jonathan remained in love through Gavin Creel, and he determined love over remaining in the closet. Goff told

“I constantly knew that I would certainly come out. To me, love is an ext important than career. And so i walked over to she again, and also I said, ‘Hey, I understand you want to ask me a question. Ns sorry come walk over here again after you simply asked me that. However yeah, ns gay.’ and she to be like, ‘On the record?’ and also I said, ‘Yes.’”

Being a gay actor in 2009 to be a much bigger transaction than it is now, and also Jonathan knew the coming out can potentially destructive his promising and rapidly increasing career. Gavin also feared gift perpetually typecast together gay. However, the opposite happened – much more opportunities opened up up because that him. The told Fourtwonine Magazine:

“When I came out, ns made peace with the reality that probably I i will not ~ be a vast movie star the a vast TV star.

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But I’d fairly be a functioning actor and not hiding noþeles in my personal life. Weirdly, after I come out, I began to get a lot more film and television work.”