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KFC Taps Actor ray Liotta As new Colonel...The an initial To discover Himself Torn between Two Signature Flavors: Georgia gold Honey Mustard BBQ and also Nashville Hot

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 7, 2017 / -- In keeping through the brand"s rotating actors of unexpected celebrities illustrating iconic founder Colonel Harland Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced this particular day the brand has tapped actor ray Liotta, known for his iconic function in "Goodfellas" and also currently the star the NBC"s "Shades the Blue," together its new Colonel. Prefer a house separated on video game day, the recent Colonel can"t decide which authentic southern flavor to source for: sweet and tangy Georgia gold honey mustard BBQ chicken, or spicy and smoky Nashville warm chicken.


KFC Taps Actor ray Liotta as brand-new Colonel…the first to find Himself Torn in between Two Signature Flavors: Georgia gold Honey Mustard BBQ and Nashville Hot

Advertising point out featuring beam Liotta together the brand-new Colonel start airing Sunday, September 10.


Competing because that consumers" taste buds, Georgia Gold and also Nashville warm offer 2 different, but similarly delicious and authentic southern flavors. Based on the tangy mustard-based BBQ found in southern Carolina and also Northern Georgia, KFC"s Georgia yellow is favor a grown-up love husband mustard BBQ – sweet v attitude. KFC"s Nashville hot Chicken is spicy and also smoky, full of flavor and heat. KFC was the first national quick company restaurant to offer Nashville warm Chicken country in January 2016.

Liotta was selected because that the role for his celebrated ability to pat multi-faceted characters.

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"When they asked me to take it on double the role of any Colonel before me, I thought "man, this is yes, really going to it is in interesting and also will it is in a role I haven"t been able to take it on before,"" stated Ray Liotta. "But as I gained into character and put ~ above that notorious Colonel mustache ns really was able to have fun with it and enjoy play the human being that is checked out in commercials and billboards throughout the nation."

Georgia yellow honey mustard BBQ and also Nashville hot are the very first of KFC"s authentic regional flavors the brand is exclusively bringing come restaurants across the country. 

"With southerly flavors like Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold, us can lug local culinary patterns to a fixed audience utilizing the exact same hand-prepared cooking strategy our founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, established an ext than 70 years ago," said Bob Das, KFC U.S. Head Chef.

Advertising point out featuring beam Liotta together the new Colonel begin airing Sunday, September 10.