Shideh Kaviani, Shirin Kaviani and also Shida Kaviani. Courtesy of nude WardrobeShideh, Shirin and Shida Kaviani are much more than just sisters, they’re also the women behind the celebrity-loved basics brand naked Wardrobe worn by Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kim, Khloé and also Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Olivia Munn, Sofia Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Shanina Shaik, Chrissy Teigen, Eva Longoria, Olivia Culpo, Cardi B, Ashley Graham, Lady Gaga, Ciara and also Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin). 

And if you to be under the impression that dressing favor an It-girl was an investment, think again. Naked Wardrobe’s clip pieces including bodycon dresses, matching sets, chop tops, leggings, biker shorts, bodysuits, denim, jackets, swimwear and accessories space all priced under $110 in ~ their digital store. 

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What provides the brand was standing out? “Not everyone can afford an outfit that expenses thousands that dollars. Wardrobe staples are easy to come by, but finding them with high quality fabrics and also production in ~ an affordable price allude isn’t constantly easy,” Shideh said Stylish

Other than offering trendy piece at an obtainable price allude so that everyone have the right to wear your brand, to ensure that their customers always feel their best, the Kavianis look to their own body shapes and sizes to create pieces that would certainly flatter everyone.


Jennifer Lopez. HENRY CORADIN/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

“To it is in naked method to be comfortable in your very own skin and also to it is in proud of who you are. We definitely want ours brand come reflect that,” Shida explained. 

“By keeping in mind the everyone is sized differently, as with the 3 of us, that is essential that we constantly put a strong investment in our fabrics. We are highly selective and use fabrics that compliment different body types. The nude Wardrobe girl is style-conscious, supervisor fashion-forward, and also loves to be trendy, yet comfortable in ~ the exact same time,” Shideh revealed.

When creating Naked Wardrobe’s chic items, the sisters rely on high fashion runway shows, street culture, vintage stores and their day-to-day lifestyles to guide them. 


Shanina Shaik. Rachpoot/MEGA

Since they get inspiration from anywhere they look, it just makes sense why over there is a nude Wardrobe items that’s proper for any type of occasion. 

“The beauty of our piece is the you have the right to really wear castle anywhere and also style castle in a variety of ways. You can dress them up or down and take them from day come night. We have seen our client wear naked Wardrobe to operation errands, to lounge, come jet-set, to work, to weddings, come bridal showers, come bachelorette parties, to infant showers, to day nights, to birthdays, come proposals, come ladies’ night out, come brunch, when on vacation and everything in between,” Shirin dished. 

Because your line is multidimensional, the Kavanis room not surprised the it’s taken A-listers by storm. 

“We think it’s the quality and versatility that draws in our clients. Celebrities have access to the many expensive brand in the world, and also they select to wear nude Wardrobe. When it comes down to it, we really allow our assets speak for themselves,” Shida spilled. 

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