Counattempt singer Billy Currington discovered himself back at the peak of the charts in 2009 through the release of “People Are Crazy” as the second single off his album Little Bit of Everything. It became Currington’s 3rd No. 1 hit on the US Billboard Hot Counattempt Songs chart.

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Not only that, but the song likewise helped the singer earn 2 Grammy Awards nomicountries for Best Male Counattempt Vocal Performance and also Best Counattempt Tune. “People Are Crazy” was also nominated for “Track of the Year” during the 2010 Academy of Counattempt Music Awards.

This Tune Will Sudepend Put You Into A Happy Zone

Written by Bobby Braddock and also Troy Jones, “People Are Crazy” tells the tale of a guy who met an old man in a bar. The two instantly hit it off that they began talking about every little thing – from politics to religion.

“We talked around God’s grace and all the hell we elevated. Then I heard the ol’ man say: ‘God is excellent, beer is excellent and human being are crazy,"” the song goes.

The 2 finished up talking till two in the morning, and they lastly bid each various other goodbye. Time has actually passed, and they have actually never met aobtain. But one sunny day, the male in the song observed the old man’s challenge on the front web page of the obituary. He uncovered out the old guy was a millionaire, and also he left his fortune to “some male he barely knew, his kids were mad as hell” – apparently, it was the song’s narrator.

At the finish of the song, he honored the old man by visiting his grave and leaving a six-fill tright here for him.

The first time Currington heard the song, he wanted to document it. “Just the title alone, when I was pitched this song, I was sure at that point that I was going to record it, I didn’t care just how it sounded. I just loved the title,” he shelp. “I couldn’t wait to put it in my truck and also listen to it. I remember as soon as I popped it in, and also from the initially verse to the first chorus, it simply put a huge smile on my challenge. I was prefer, ‘You recognize, I’ve been waiting on a song like this for a lengthy time."”

However, once he asked around “People Are Crazy,” Currington was told to acquire into line as tbelow were ten people that wanted to record it, including A-list artists such as Alan Jackkid, George Strait, and also Kenny Chesney.

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But Currington did not provide up on the song and asked around it one last time. His persistence phelp off this time as he was provided the green light to record it. “I was simply thankful that they sent it my means. I simply gained addicted to the song. I found myself wanting to listen to this song over and over,” the singer sassist. “It’s simply a words-of-wisdom kind of song. It’s obtained a laid-earlier melody that simply puts you in that happy zone.”

Certainly, the song is one of those that lift your spirits and also make you laugh. Although it has a sad end, through the old guy dying, it is by no means a tearjerker. Instead, it’s a more lighthearted item about a friendship between 2 strangers. The music video keeps up that very same caretotally free feeling, making it such a joy to watch. You deserve to watch it below.