Daisy and Gatsby come from fully opposite end of the class spectrum, and also to Daisy, her reputation to the upper course is the most important thing. She is constantly looking for accomplishments to it seems to be ~ worthy the envy to she ‘friends’.

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Mia Farrow together Daisy Buchanan in the 1974 version of the great Gatsby


PROOF ONE: Why did Daisy marry Tom?

“Tom and also Daisy’s usual denominator to be money and an upper course position in society. Daisy did not marry Gatsby also though they were in love since he was poor. She and Tom were in love in ~ one suggest as well yet he had the money to administer her through the way of life she was accustomed to. Tom and Daisy were no only concerned with the money, however everything the went together with being wealthy.They were in love through the idea of what their marital relationship represented.” (1)

– “The an excellent Gatsby” evaluation of the relationship between Tom and Daisy

Daisy determined Tom because to her he represented a secure society position and also the wide range she was accustomed to. Daisy believed that Tom can make she happy because he represented things that made she happy as well as love, like product things and money. But Daisy can never it is in happy v Tom since when she married him, she objectified him into the points he offered her; the expectation of Tom the she constructs in her head are mostly made of the gifts she has received, fairly than Tom’s really personality and also morals.

PROOF TWO: Daisy and also Tom’s marriage as a Social Achievement

“In June she married Tom Buchanan that Chicago, with more pomp and also circumstance than Louisville ever knew before. He come down through a hundred people in 4 private cars, and hired a totality floor of the Seelbach Hotel and the day before the wedding he provided her a string of ships valued at 3 hundred and fifty thousands dollars.”

The an excellent Gatsby pg. 91


Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and also Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan in the 2013 version of The great Gatsby

This quote shows how Daisy married Tom due to the fact that she observed him as an ‘achievement’.Tom showered Daisy with gifts, and the only reason she married that was since of what the represented. She loves Tom since Tom offers her protection in everything she enjoys and also wants. Regardless of loving Gatsby, and attempting to speak to off her wedding to Tom, Daisy lastly marries him because she knows the she wont need to live ‘sparingly’, as Tom can administer her with every materialistic thing she might ever want, and will have the ability to protect her from the harsh people with his money. Where as Gatsby, a poor soldier, might never give her any type of of this things. This quote shows how to Daisy and her family, marrying someone as completed and rich as Tom is one achievement. Even Jordan, that is talking, sees it as an accomplishment, praising Tom because that making the wedding therefore decadent and also being so loving to Daisy on the day.

PROOF THREE: she Inability to Live in and Enjoy the Present

“What’ll we carry out with oneself this afternoon?” cry Daisy, “and the job after that, and the next thirty years?” – The an excellent Gatsby, pg. 141

This quote shows how Daisy is always looking forward; she is continuous trying come think that the following thing she will execute in her life. Fitzgerald to be trying to portray just how the American dream is flawed, and by depicting Daisy as someone that can’t it seems to be ~ to focus on the present and also appreciating what she has, he reflects how civilization often destroy experiences by instead concentrating on what is coming next. Daisy is likewise used to stand for a flaw in the American dream, being the she (and the entire upper class) will never ever accept Gatsby and also all that has completed because lock think that he doesn’t important belong through them.

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan

IN CONCLUSION: In the end, Daisy will, and can, never be happy since she is too focused on achievements, social status, and also what she will execute next. The personality represents how even though she is born with, and has, every little thing money might buy, she will never ever be happy because she just wants more.

Daisy Buchanan top top the night prior to her wedding. In this scene, she is make the efforts to speak to off her marital relationship to Tom since she loves Gatsby.

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