The singer hadn’t carry out on the to sing competition since her audition episode whereby she join coach Kelly Clarkson’s team.

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She was intended to execute on Tuesday’s episode, the last opportunity to take component in the show’s fight rounds, but she dropped the end of the display for an individual reasons.

“I desire to assure everyone that ns am well,” Goebel composed on social media after ~ the illustration aired. “I still have my voice and also am looking front to a lengthy music career and recording original songs in the close to future.”

In a short statement top top the show, hold Carson Daly announced she would certainly no much longer be appearing on “The Voice.”

“Above every else, I should endlessly thank my exceptional coach, Kelly Clarkson, for believing in me, providing me through the biggest opportunity of mine music career for this reason far,” Goebel wrote. “(I’m) immensely appreciative of the time that I invested on her team.”

Goebel, 20, is a graduate that Westside High School and also performed in the Blues Society’s BluesEd youth advance program. She parents, Mark and Becca Goebel, live in

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