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Why do great girls (what what what) like negative guys?Hey yo Boo, why do (good girls) like negative guys?Knowin that poor guys tell mad lies?(And why do) dog niggas (want a honey wit class?)(Sometimes you want more than just a honey wit ass)Uh, uhHey yo, who would ever before think the the two would walk goodMidtown honey, nigga from the hoodBut punch on wood, I acquired this bitch (what?) pardon meShe don't like to be dubbed a bitch, try not to shed meThe rules we go by, wherein I'm from, she don't knowWhen ns say I'm goin approximately the way, she won't go(Hell no) C'mon baby, you aight through meTryin to gain you, to invest the whole night with me(But I'm a good girl) Uhh, that's why I favor herCouldn't treat her prefer a hoodrat, didn't bite herTurn a church girl to a straight Ruff RyderTake her to the Ramada make it an all nighter(Oh no, I only go to the Swiss hotel)Fuckin with me? I have you in the back of the ChevelleLike what (what) hittin it raw dogg in the buttYou was good this mornin, however tonight friend a slut
Chorus: DMX (Dyme)Why carry out (good girls) like poor guysKnowin that negative guys tell foolish lies?(And why do) dog niggas (want a love husband wit class?)(Sometimes you want much more than simply a love husband wit ass)Hey yo Boo, why do (good girls) like poor guysKnowin that bad guys tell foolish lies?(Then why do) dog niggas (want a love husband wit class?)(Sometimes friend want an ext than simply a love husband wit ass)Hey yo Boo, I'm diggin you, reason you make me wanna doAll them points I was taught i wasn't an alleged toI'm secure, store it tight while girlfriend on tour(You fuckin wit a dog!) That's why I'm feelin you moreAttractive come me, wit yo' tacticsHit it choose AHHH! do me backflip(You to be tryin to act, rich, that's why I taxation youAnd i just acquired married) Hell, but I ain't even ask you(I'm simply tellin you, reason nowadays, bitches be flippin)One an ext bitch, I'm skippin (Damn girl, avoid trippin)Cause you be actin like(Listen, ns ain't constantly talkin moneyBut ns will keep you wit a smile, and also walkin funnySo what's that gon' be?) Yo, what girlfriend mean? (What come do?You desire the nigga wit the slacks, or the jeans and also the boots?You wanna be for sure or be laced, cause you can be replaced)Yeah, you have the right to be erased(Don't get slapped, babyface)

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ChorusMan, I gained shorty stayin the end late (Well I save him wit a cutAnd his nails remain clean) At least I acquire a nutAnd I got honey rebellin (And I stopped him indigenous sellin)I it is in gettin away v murder, right? (shit, i ain't tellin)Straight the end the hood (yeah, nigga you get mushy)I obtained honey suckin dick (and I got you eatin pussy)I can be good in a bad way (I can be poor in a great way)Girl, friend ain't the exact same dog (that's what castle rats in the hood sayOr would say, if friend was around them much more often)I gained honey smokin weed (it be havin me coughin)She store the dog ~ above the leash (when we walk in the streets)And if y'all think it's sweet (then the dog's off the leashNow i don't desire no drama, wit no baby's mamaI could be a great girl, however I keeps the armor)Girl, you turn off the hook, but at least now I know whyGood girl like negative guysChorusWhy do good girls (what what what) like bad guys?Why do great girls (what what what) like bad guys?Why do good girls (what what what) like negative guys?Why do an excellent girls (what what what) like bad guys?Uhh, uhhC'mon, yeah, I like thatC'mon, wha wha whatYeah yeah, DMXDyme, infant girlRuff Ryder, uhh, yeah..