It’s important to know about the different body postures your reptile may show and also what they might mean.

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Knowing this is a an essential part of gift a responsible bearded dragon owner.

So, why does my bearded dragon keep his mouth open?

A mustache dragon will store its mouth open for the complying with reasons:

To manage heat and body temperatureAs a form of extending its mouth musclesAs a authorize of aggression and dominanceDue come a respiratory tract infectionTo display alpha traits to an additional bearded dragon

Read top top for an ext details and how to tell the difference in between the possibilities.


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5 factors Bearded Dragons store Their Mouth Open

5 factors Bearded Dragons keep Their Mouth Open

In this section, we detail the factor for an open up mouth and also what to execute to aid (if you need to).

#1 warm Regulation

Heat regulation is the most usual reason because that an open mouth.

When the mustache dragon is a tiny too hot while resting under the warmth lamp, it opens its mouth to cool the remainder of its body down.

You understand this is why your beardy’s mouth is open as soon as it does this because that a long time if basking.

How warmth Regulation Works

All animals have a human body temperature regulation process.

On humans, us sweat, i beg your pardon cools our body down.

Bearded dragons don’t have actually sweat glands, however opening their mouths is their variation of sweating.

Keeping the mouth open lets an less complicated transfer of wait temperature happen inside and also outside your bodies.

What You have to Do around Heat Regulation


This habits is dubbed gaping, and also it’s a authorize the dragon has achieved the perfect balance of inner temp.

They want to be warm when basking.

The warmth from the lamp (or sun in the wild) it s okay the body temp up while the open mouth lowers it to the specific right temperature.

If your dragon ends up hiding rather of basking, this is a authorize the temperature in the enclosure and also under the basking lamp might be too high.

#2 Stretching

Just like various other animals, mustache dragons must stretch and also move every one of the components of your bodies.

They likewise yawn as with other animals as well.

Stretching might be the cause of her bearded dragon’s open mouth.

You’ll know if this is the cause when her dragon go this for a quick period.

How that Works

Bearded dragons, like other creatures, have a integrated sense once a muscle hasn’t remained in use because that a while and also needs come stretch because that safety.

In humans, this wake up after not utilizing your muscles for an extended period, such as after sleeping , sitting in a meeting, or riding in a car.

It’s the same for moustache dragons.

They have actually a most muscles in their head and face, consisting of their beards.

When they relocate these for extending or yawning, the mouth requirements to be open up because every one of these parts work together.

What You must Do

Enjoy the show!

It may look alarming and trick you into thinking her bearded dragon is crazy.

Their stretching looks a little twitchy at times, but it’s normal.

When their beard is up, it likewise seems aggressive, but it’s just an easy stretching.

#3 Aggression

On the various other hand, if the beardy feels threatened or panicked, it opens its mouth as component of an wild posture.

Long-term stress on her pet can result in poor health and also disease, therefore it’s important to address this.

You know this is the factor your beardy’s mouth is open as soon as the mouth is open, the moustache is up, the dragon hisses, and the reptile assaults anything moving in the tank.

When an pet feels threatened, its “fight or flight response” is activated.

In the instance of the moustache dragon, this way it’s raising its beard and puffing the end its chest to show up larger and much more threatening to the other animal.

They additionally open their mouth broad and hold it there.

This adds to the size illusion of the beard and body and also shows it’s prepared to bite.

A mustache dragon bite isn’t venomous (although they do produce harmless venom), and it won’t seriously injure you. But it does hurt.

Your moustache dragon is emphasize out! It would be finest if you calmed that down.

Check the end our 7 methods on just how to calm down a bearded dragon for detailed information.

In general, to calm her beardy, you must do these 3 things:

Remove the threat/overstimulation.Put her bearded dragon whereby it feeling safe.Give the time to gain used to your visibility again.

If you don’t, your bearded dragon may not calm down quickly and also remain stressed.

They’re also smart creatures and also will begin to combine you through threatening situations if you don’t take steps to calm them.

#4 respiratory tract Infection

Respiratory epidemic is the big one to watch out for.

A moustache dragon might be maintaining its mouth open if it has actually a respiratory tract infection.

Respiratory infections existing much like gaping for warmth regulation, but look for these various other signs:

Mucus roughly the eye or noseWheezing, coughing, or crackling as soon as breathingExtreme lack of energy and also appetite

“Respiratory” refers to the breathing and also oxygenation process.

When her beardie is sick, its breath capacity may be jeopardized .

To get much more air, it opens its mouth to accessibility as much oxygen together possible.

When you see the signs above and doubt a respiratory tract infection, acquire your bearded dragon come the vet.

Unfortunately, it’s no something girlfriend will have the ability to fix on your own.

This happens even with the finest care.

Just get your pet to the vet, and it’ll every be just fine.

#5 Alpha Traits

If you own multiple bearded dragons that deserve to see every other, one of them is likely displaying the they’re the alpha.

In nature, these lizards are solitary creatures, selecting to live alone.

If you’re real estate bearded dragons wherein they deserve to see one another, it’s tied to cause problems.

This is wherein the much more dominant one will certainly leave your mouth open to show the other one who’s alpha similar to head bobbing and a black color beard.

This can reason the less dominant or submissive mustache dragon health worries such as metabolic bone an illness since they’ll become stressed and also often prevent basking.

You will see them begin glass surfing, staying clear of their basking spot, not eating the juicy wax worm, and also you’ll check out this beautiful exotic pet go with pain.

To stop this, always keep your inland moustache dragon in different tanks and also where they cannot check out each other and you have to see the aggressive behavior go away.

Keeping them in the very same room is good as lengthy as over there is a visual divide between them and they can’t physically check out each other.

Some people additionally feed your pets in different tanks for miscellaneous reasons and also if you’re interested in learning around this we have actually a write-up covering feeding bearded dragon in separate tanks you’ll like.


Now you recognize why her bearded dragon keeps his mouth open.

This bearded dragon actions is seen in every stages of your life so even your baby bearded dragon lizard might do this.

In most cases, this is perfectly normal habits as a result of extending or heat regulation.

But it can be a authorize of stress or respiratory infection.

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Use the guide above to help you decide what you should do, and also when in doubt, go to a reptile vet.