This to exclude, Christmas holidays t-shirt is designed to look choose an ugly knit pullover with images of falling snow, Christmas trees and also the quote Why Is The Carpet all Wet Todd?While hanging Christmas lamp on his house, Clark Griswold fell, grabbed on to his gutter, and sent ice flying v his neighbor"s window. Later, Clark"s neighbor, Margo saw the broken window, discovered melted ice on she carpet, and also asked her husband, "Why is the carpet all wet Todd?". Todd responded by saying, "I don"t recognize Margo".For any kind of fan of the holiday standard Christmas Vacation, this exclude, Why Is The Carpet all Wet Todd t-shirt is a have to have!

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 18.0"(46cm) 27.7"(70cm)
Medium 19.0"(48cm) 29.0"(74cm)
Large 22.0"(56cm) 30.0"(76cm)
LT 22.0"(56cm) 31.0"(79cm)
XL 23.0"(58cm) 31.0"(79cm)
XLT 23.0"(58cm) 32.5"(83cm)
2XL 25.0"(64cm) 32.5"(83cm)
2XLT 26.0"(66cm) 33.0"(84cm)
3XL 27.0"(69cm) 33.0"(84cm)
3XLT 28.0"(71cm) 34.0"(86cm)
4XL 29.5"(75cm) 34.0"(86cm)
4XLT 28.5"(72cm) 35.0"(89cm)
5XL 31.0"(79cm) 35.5"(90cm)
6XL 32.0"(81cm) 36.0"(91cm)

*Bust or chest is done by doubling the broad measurement. *For full circumference that the waistline, twin the belt measurement. *Due to the flexible nature of ours fabrics, permit one customs of sport from these measurements.

Product Type: T-shirts
* Exclusive
Color: Grey heath
an equipment Washable
Gender: Mens
Graphic: direct To Garment print

Distressed refers to the worn figure in the photo or lettering top top a garment. A distressed publish may include faded areas, absent color, or other irregularities. This is an intentional event in the product and adds come the vintage watch of the design.

tags Location: Tagged
do of: Cotton/Polyester mix
Fits like: True To dimension
cloth Softness: standard
T-shirts of typical SOFTNESS are composed of timeless material and also are thought about to it is in your typical weight classic T-shirts.


Hello! I want to send you every a article that how impressed i was v your service! i ordered two sweatshirts for my toddlers and also absolutely love them! Not only was I informed via email once they were shipped, en route, and delivered however I additionally got a 10% turn off code, and confirmation emails because that my order! I will certainly absolutely use your agency again and also recommend them to all!!!! thank You again and happy holidays :-)

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