When that is time to upgrade your TV, girlfriend don’t desire to wait because that a delivery, you desire to choose it up and start city hall as shortly as you get home. This is especially important if you’re grabbing a Super bowl TV deal and also planning to clock the Super key this weekend.

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This quick guide native Nissan will aid you figure out how huge of a TV you can fit in your car, SUV or Truck.

This is especially important if you room looking in ~ a 55-inch or bigger TV, as you will need a most cargo room. It is also very important to transport your brand-new 4K TV upright. If friend lay a huge TV under to right it into your car or van you danger damaging it, and also the retailer might not exchange it.

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How huge of a TV deserve to I right in mine car, truck or SUV?

Nissan placed together a handy guide that shows you how big of a TV you deserve to for in her Nissan crossover, SUV or truck. Because that some factor they didn’t perform how large a of TV we can lug home in the Nissan GTR.

Kicks: up to 32 inchRogue/Rogue Sport: as much as 50 inchPathfinder: up to 50 inchMurano: as much as 55 inchArmada: as much as 58 inchTitan: as much as 75 inch


If girlfriend don’t have actually a Nissan Titan or a Rogue in your driveway, you deserve to use this guide to compare to your SUV or crossover. If you have a sedan, you have to borrow other bigger and also not put the TV down flat.

You can check out the video clip below for more details top top what size of TV you have the right to fit in a car, SUV or crossover.

Plan on maintaining the TV upright for the trip and securing it through tie downs or bungie cords come make certain it doesn’t fall or change during transport.

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If you’re shopping because that a brand-new car, check out our car, truck and also SUV reviews. If you’re shopping because that a TV, examine out these Vizio TV deals because that the Super key or check out the latest deals from best Buy.

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