I"ve seen significant RVers recommended Amazon Prime, and I offered to it is in an ardent pan too. Once we resided in a house, we"d have Amazon packages with solitary items show up regularly. Ns loved having the motion-detecting security camera educate me of packages prior to the Amazon an alert came through. (I wonder how much castle paid for shipping points to me). Once we hit the road, we essential to pay much more attention come when and also where we were bespeak things, yet we still love the service.

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However, that all changed when we upgraded from dying batteries and relying ~ above RV park shore power to overkill batteries and lots solar. We started looking primarily for boondocking spots. Us now think about commercial RV parks a "pit stop", and rarely stay an ext than two nights. That"s not enough to comfortably name: coordinates package delivery.

When not boondocking, we frequently stay at NPS, USFS or regional campgrounds the may have actually a staffed entrance booth or (more typically) a camp host or patrolling ranger obtrude self-pay, yet they certainly don"t have someone to act as your concierge.

We often just dump and get water at remainder areas, gas stations, or campgrounds/RV parks (without continuing to be there), and move straight from boondocking spot to boondocking spot.

In small towns, we"ve checked out RV parks where USPS does not provide to their street address, so you require to offer the street resolve to UPS/FedEx and PO crate to USPS -- however you don"t know what shipping an approach Amazon is going to use. Entering the PO box resolve will force Amazon to use USPS, yet that"s often slower and much more unpredictable 보다 UPS, and Amazon refuses to use it for part items (too hefty or large, contains lithium batteries, etc). If you go into the street address, you can get lucky and also Amazon choose UPS, yet they might also mail your package only to have actually USPS return it together invalid address.

Sometimes, a UPS driver will certainly go out of their way, speak to you and make an effort to find you, also driving down little forest roads in search of you. Much more often, you"ll drive an hour or an ext to their shipping facility to pick up her package, the next organization day.

Getting packages yielded to whereby we to be was simply not working out.

Sometimes in bigger cities there"s an Amazon Locker in ~ 30 min drive, and we use that. Other than those can"t receive large or long items.

Sometimes, a UPS office will additionally let you additionally receive USPS mail there, make it possible to use those no issue what shipping an approach Amazon picks. Last one we experienced charged $5 because that the convenience. Quartzsite has actually Quiet time that offers a comparable service.

For most of the last year, we"ve relied on the cheat from Technomadia addressing Amazon packages come "PO BOX general delivery", which makes Amazon"s computers to pick USPS. General distribution is a mail service where you pick up her mail in ~ the short article office. Just using "general delivery" in the address isn"t enough, Amazon will certainly ship via UPS because that those, and also that won"t work. Technically, having actually the PO crate there makes it one invalid address, however it gets ceded fine.

General delivery never worked for the items the were too large, lengthy or heavy, where Amazon didn"t want to pay USPS shipping prices, and just level old refused to ship to that address. USPS additionally prohibits mail lithium batteries and also such.

But now, in the last two months or so, I"ve checked out a new trend arise on Amazon: they"ll just flat out refuse to ship details things via USPS, there is no a clean reason. Arbitrarily small, lightweight, non-hazardous points now obtain refused for USPS-only addresses.

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All I have the right to think of is that Amazon is cutting expenses as lot as it can, and trying to relocate as lot to that own shipment services and UPS together possible. Maybe their attend to USPS is less valuable to them, now?

All I recognize is, I can still find an excellent deals top top Amazon, however I can"t to buy them!

This has actually frustrated me enough that I"ve canceled mine Amazon prime subscription. If we"re forced to an extremely carefully coordinate as soon as we acquire things indigenous Amazon, at that point our orders are over the $25 free shipping minimum anyway.


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