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Jill Ellis ’88, L.H.D ’16

English literature & ingredient Major

Two-time human being Cup champion

Horacio Carreño Karp ’10

Government Major

Foundation connections Coordinator at faith in Action

Harshad Daswani ’98

Business management Major

Director, The Beach company India and also Partner, Fountainhead Exports

Beth Comstock ’82

Biology Major

Former Vice-chair of general Electric, Co-founder the Hulu, Author

Irène Mathieu ’09 Steve Prince Charles Esten ’87 Sonia Kinkhabwala ’21 Stephanie Murphy ’00 will certainly Smith ’14 Jill Ellis ’88, L.H.D ’16 Ellen Stofan ’83, D.Sc. ’16 Jason Chen
Matt Crittenden ’21 Horacio Carreño Karp ’10 Helen Tariku ’21 Harshad Daswani ’98 Beth Comstock ’82 Lu Sevier ’16 Elizabeth Losh Nathan knight ’20 Ike Irby Ph.D., M.P.P. ’17

Harshad Daswani ’98

Business administration Major

Director, The Beach agency India and also Partner, Fountainhead Exports

Nathan article ’20 Beth Comstock ’82 Jill Ellis ’88, L.H.D ’16 will Smith ’14 Stephanie Murphy ’00 Ellen Stofan ’83, D.Sc. ’16 Horacio Carreño Karp ’10 Sonia Kinkhabwala ’21 Ike Irby Ph.D., M.P.P. ’17
Harshad Daswani ’98 Charles Esten ’87 Irène Mathieu ’09 Matt Crittenden ’21 Helen Tariku ’21 Elizabeth Losh Jason Chen Steve Prince Lu Sevier ’16
AidData’s brand-new dataset that Chinese advancement projects precious $843B reveals significant increase in ‘hidden debt’

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Black holes are no much longer the stuff of science fiction. Jens Boos claims it’s time to take it them seriously