Making DIY Mickey ears might look difficult but they’re actually pretty easy, happily. And, because you’re making them, friend can develop unique Mickey ear by an altering the theme and also color story. Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide to make DIY wire Mickey ears v crown (and without) plus advantageous tips to save time and money.

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Not gonna lie, I’ve had actually plenty the time top top my hand lately. And another truth: I miss Walt Disney civilization so much. I miss out on the ambiance, the smell of food, and I miss out on buying Mickey ears. So, ns bought a couple of items indigenous the store, purchase a couple of from Amazon and here ns sit v 20 added pairs of ears to wear as soon as I’m able to visit the layout parks. My technique is simple, is no sew, and also I think they’re downright adorable. Here’s how.

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Minnie computer mouse Flower ear – Bending the Wire

DIY Mickey Ears through Crown Supplies


For this tutorial, I’m making use of “Princess and also the Frog” together my inspiration. Plus, Tiana is among my favourite Disney Princess.

Craft cable – I offered two shades of green and 18 gauge for this one. If girlfriend don’t want to twisted the cable (or don’t want two colors), look for 14 gauge wire instead. 16 gauge functions well, too, yet my preference is 14 gauge for a single wire look. If you’re searching for craft wire at dissension Tree, it come in a couple of different colors and each package is enough for at least one pair the Minnie mouse flower ears.

FYI: The wire the I offered was craft wire from Amazon. It comes in a multi-color pack and has two shades of green.

Headband – i ordered a bundle of sturdy, black headbands from Amazon which to be pretty inexpensive. They have actually a one-inch width and also have little teeth on the within to store them indigenous falling off. It to be a 20-pack because that $12.99 plus tax (were Amazon element members so totally free shipping), do each around 70 cent each. Good deal!

Silk flowers – In lime green, yellow, and purple. I discovered mine at Dollar Tree. Ns made certain to gain medium and also small-size flowers.

Flat ago crystals – I prefer the sparkle they offer (my family members calls me a moth) and also I think lock amp increase the nice factor. I uncovered lavender crystals on Amazon.

Additionally, you’ll need:

Hot glue gunGlue sticks – I uncovered mine at Dollar TreeA four-inch ring item for bending the ears. I usage my Pyrex measuring cupA tape measure. You require it to it is in flexible.Permanent markerWire cutters

Want the scoop on how to conserve money ~ above your following Disney vacation? below are must-buy items in ~ Dollar Tree to require to Disney.

DIY Mickey Ears with Crown first Steps


1. Uncover the facility of her headband. The headbands ns use room 14 1/2 inch round, for this reason I found the facility at 7 1/4 inches and made a mark with a sharpie.

2. Do a mark at three inches top top either side of the center mark. Feel complimentary to change it to fit her head/style.

3. Plug in your adhesive gun and make certain you have plenty of glue sticks. It took me about three glue sticks per ear headband.

Minnie mouse Flower ears – Bending the Wire


If you want a solitary wire look, skip down to bending the ears.

First, cut each item of wire 18 customs in length using wire cutters. I used one together a size guide and it was easy to cut the other three. Then, using 2 of the 4 wires, twisted one about the other from end to end. Tip: I roughly straightened out the wires prior to twisting together it make them much less likely to snag approximately each other. Truth, you’ll finish up cutting part extra off either end prior to you adhesive them down, however it’s less complicated to cut the extra than to have actually not sufficient wire to adhesive down.

Bending the Ears

Once you have actually both twin wires twisted (or single wire through a enlarge gauge), obtain your 4-inch template and bend the wires roughly it gently. It transforms out that my Pyrex cup is 4 inches at the 2/3 cup mark, for this reason it’s simple to eyeball. When you have the wire wrapped and at the exactly size, twist it double firmly.

Next, leave about 1 to 1 1/2 inch of cable on either end. Ns bend mine in the very same shape as the headband so it’s much easier to keep in place when you’re gluing. If you find you’re a little bit off her mark, wait until the glue totally dries and also gently bending the ear in the suitable direction.

Gluing the cable to the Headband


I have to provide caution to making use of a warm glue gun. Please heed all proper usage statements and also warnings to avoid injuries.

Remember those 3-inch marks girlfriend made ~ above either next of the facility of the headband? Doing every one in ~ a time in the facility of the marks, put a generosity stream of hot glue and also immediately placed the twisted wire part of the ears into to the minding her fingers. Host with firm pressure until adhesive cools and then do the other side, making certain to save each ear focused over the marks friend drew.

If you uncover you have too much leftover wire, use your cable cutters to trim.

Next step: including silk flowers.

Placing Silk flower on DIY computer mouse Ear Headband


Personally, I choose to add the cable crown last. In my experience, including the flowers first will gauge how big the crown will certainly be.

Here’s where you have the right to let your creativity loose! making use of the wire cutters, or simply popping the flowers off the stems, hot glue each silk flower one in ~ a time. Because that me, I favor asymmetrical ears and flowers. I additionally start v the largest flowers and work my means down. TIP: before you use the hot glue, test journey the location of every flower. What could look an excellent in your head may not job-related on the headband. Also, make sure to add flowers come the back component of the ears to finish the look and hide any type of wires/glue/stems.

For the flowers, it’s quite to obtain a range of styles and colors. I decided both maturation flowers and buds for contrast and added in a pop of purple for texture.

DIY cable Mickey ears – do the Crown


Essentially, my wire crown is 5 loops, three on the top and two top top the bottom. I made the 2 sides slightly much shorter to make it look like a lily and because it’s aesthetically satisfaction to mine eyes. But, you execute you. Here’s exactly how I made a wire crown.

Start v twisting your 18-inch lengthy wires together.

Find the center of the wire, however don’t pinch it, and make a small loop.Give every side a small outward curve and then do a loop on either bottom next so that the wires point up.Lastly, make one more loop on one of two people side around an inch below the original middle loop. Offer each of the external two crown peaks a slight outward bend together well.

Lastly, hot glue the crown come the facility of your headband.

Hot glue smaller flowers to hide the wires and decorate until it’s exactly how you desire it.

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DIY wire Mickey Ears: including Crystals


This action is entirely optional but, again, I favor a little sparkle. Flat earlier crystals are much easier to warm glue and stay in place. If the most time consuming because that me, the adds a one-of-a-kind touch. Add a teeny lot of hot glue to the ar you desire the crystal and place the crystal. I choose to use a pair the old tweezers so ns don’t burn mine fingers. A toothpick dipped in a small water help to pick up the crystals as well.

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