In God of War, once you’re complimentary to check out all over there is to market on the Lake the Nine, you’ll most likely head to the assorted towers and landmarks shrouded in the mist throughout the body of water. Each of these has actually various items, opponents and more to explore. We’ll failure what you can discover at one of these together locations, the Witch’s Cave, located south the Tyr’s Temple. If you can’t uncover the entrance, that behind the enormous statue in ~ Muspelheim Tower.

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You’ll return to areas many time throughout God that War, and also at certain points during the campaign, friend can check out deeper and also find new items come collect. In this guide, we’ll present you everything — sweetheart chests, hacksilver, pure collectibles and much more — in the Witch’s Cave. Think of it favor a walkthrough focused on make Kratos rich and powerful.

A keep in mind on God of war spoilers

God the War is full of surprises, and also that provides guides specifically tricky to write. We want to aid you v the game. We don’t want to damn it it. For this reason we want you to understand that we’ve written every overview with spoilers in mind. 

If our overview doesn’t show up to gain you every item (a chest, for example), yes a reason for that. Fairly than spoil that reason, ours tables of contents and a large image in the guide indicating spoiler ahead will tell friend when and also why you find yourself in that instance — in the the very least spoilery way possible. 

Early game

When you do your way there in the early game, there isn’t lot to check out yet. You have the right to open increase a Mystic Gateway earlier to Brok’s shop at Tyr’s temple and also stare in ~ a door the you cannot open up in the early component of the game.

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During “A new Destination”

We’re going to talk around this ar as if you’re coming ago to it from the Lake of Nine throughout God the War’s main story journey goal, “A brand-new Destination.” you can’t actually get back into the Witch’s Cave prior to then, for this reason you’ll practically definitely be approaching the cave from this direction.

Items in this area: legend chest (Muspelheim cipher), Nornir chest (Horn that Blood Mead), coffin (soft Svartalfheim steel), endowment map (The Turtle’s Tribute), covert chamber door, coffin (soft Svartalfheim steel), wood chest, legendary chest (Murder the Crows runic summon)

This will be your very first time back to the Witch’s Cave due to the fact that Atreus obtained his exciting brand-new arrows, so there’s a few new points you have the right to pick up now.

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After The Sickness’ journey

Items in this area: legendary chest (Rampage of the Furies irradiate runic attack)

After God the War’s “The Sickness” Journey, you have the right to open doors locked through the Winds of Hel (and Hidden Chambers), for this reason there’s a pair more points to take treatment of once you return to the Witch’s Cave.

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SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via on your way back out, you deserve to open the Hidden Chamber you uncovered earlier. Ride the elevator under to unlock the Mystic Gateway and, if she feeling up to the challenge, take it on the Valkyrie Kara.

Lake that Nine

everything you should know around God that War’s Lake of Nine and the item its locations hold.