“Feet as Cold as Ice ...” - the witcher's stimulate in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which friend can discover in the second worldwide supplement “Blood and also Wine”.

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Where to get the job

Unlike countless orders, this quest have the right to not be taken on the bulletin board. The girl Jacquette will offer us him personally after us run roughly her and also discover the southern part of Bokler. Think about the same detailed passage of the job.

We can uncover the girl we need right beside the Nilfgaard Embassy in the southern component of Bokler. After see the witcher, she will call Geralt herself and the exclamation note of the job will appear on the map.


A girl named Jacquette will certainly tell us a story that is standard for the wine region: her betrayed Francois, to prove the strength of his love, vowed to get rid of the monster who worked out near the resources Tussent. And not simply a monster, but the Grotto, who, as they say, steals and also kills children.

But the trouble is, from our hero, not hearing the heart of a few weeks. The girl is an extremely worried around her lovely knight, for this reason she asks the witcher to help and discover him. Prior to agreeing come an order, we can ask that the Grotnik is and hear the heartbreaking story about abductions the children.

Important! before making the order, you deserve to bargain and also Zhaketta without any type of complaints will offer you 350 crowns rather of 300.


After agreeing ~ above the price, we will discover out native the girl wherein the cavern we need is located, and, having actually learned the location, we go searching for the lost fiancé.

"If you carry out not want my death" - the i of the quest

Having got to the designated place, us immediately notice a tiny camp, and also with that the snoring of our hero.


If you acquired to the right place not from the next of the camp, yet from the next of the cave and tried to go into it - Francois will automatically appear and stop girlfriend by providing to talk in the camp. Otherwise, your conversation may be awakened by a creature living in a cave. Whatever method we execute not intersect v a hill knight, then to talk around the upcoming feat.

Interesting! If prior to this order friend had already completed the side “The Warble of a Smitten Knight” quest and also during the i asked the competition manager about “Raviks from Chertorog” or “Geralt from Rivia Emblem Most”, you deserve to introduce yourself with among these names. If not, then every little thing is as usual - Geralt the Rivia, the witcher.

After talking v the knight, it i do not care clear the he was no in a hurry to deal with anyone, and also just slept in the camp for 2 weeks and also feasted. However here, in order not to seem prefer a coward come Geralt, Francois will certainly decide that the time has come and also will gather in a cave right now.


Options because that the development of events and also the aftermath of choosing

Well, then I will not interfere - us leave the article alone to fulfill his oaths, yet Geralt understands that the fighter native Francois is so-so and decides to capture up and also help.

Attention! If girlfriend didn’t regulate to do Francois company, hesitated or stared at the to run deer, that would enter the cavern alone and the mission point would change from “follow the knight” to “check what occurred to the knight. Unfortunately, nothing good. In the cave we will uncover the human body of the dead Francois, entwined through roots. Yet we still have the opportunity to death the creature and complete the order.

Before start the grotto, with the help of witchacho's intuition, we deserve to examine old armor and bones lie on the floor.


In the grotto, we will not discover anyone.


The items will market to return to the camp, yet it is much better to look around. Immediately, large flowers, which have the right to be checked out to the left that the entrance, and throughout the cave, rush into the eyes.


Having taken into consideration them closer v the help of witch's instincts, us decide to check out the entire cave. All flowers will immediately be reckoned after ~ the an initial inspection, therefore we revolve on our instincts and go to the far left corner of the cave.

Here we will uncover the skeleton of children and some things.


To the appropriate of this ar is a crib, totally filled through children's shoes. Come her right is a rather frightening kind of roots that deserve to not it is in taken v a knife or signs.


After seeing every the items, it's time to open the bestiary and also find out what sort of a grotto is.

How to beat the grotto?

As it turned out, our monster - Spriggan. To call it, friend will must burn flowers through the assist of the sign Igni.


You can prepare in breakthrough - drink potions, eat food and use oil against relics.

The opponent will contact for plants that explode and also spit poison. And he is also vulnerable come fire, so Igni and also Quen will assist us, as always. Do not forget around the elixir Oriole, which in this fight will come in handy.

It is advisable to ruin the summoned archispora in the an initial place, since they will certainly spit venom, bring down Quen and also cause quite a many damage. Us burn flowers and also prepare for battle!


During the battle, usage the role to protect against attacking the roots and also dodge the archispora shots.

The key thing is to loss the grotto faster than her companion Francois will certainly die. Assistant from him so-so, so much better hurry.

The sufferings the the young Francois

Having won and also received a trophy through Geralt and also a knight, one more dialogue will begin with a choice. After asking Francois, we uncover out the he doesn’t desire to get married at all, for this reason he decided to postpone it and also run away from Jacquetta, hiding behind his oath. And also after this hard victory over the hog, that doesn’t also want to go back to the capital with triumph, but decides to look because that an oath much more difficult.


Here we have 2 response options that will affect the ending of the order:

“Take this head turn off yourself and also go earlier to Bokler” - the knight will listen to the wise words that Geralt saying that the monster hunter is so-so indigenous him and agrees to return to his lover Or not loved, i beg your pardon is more likely.“As you know. If friend don’t need a trophy, I’ll take it ”- the witcher will take the trophy for himself, and also the condemned let them resolve their own problems.

Having finished with this part of the task perform not forget to take the loot indigenous the corpse the the beast. Indigenous the exciting - in it girlfriend will uncover the relic silver sword “Fen'aeth ”. Earlier in Bockler we go directly to Jacquetta to find out the after-effects of the choice.

If her lover is still alive and also took the trophy for herself, climate the girl will be really happy through the return that Francois. In every chirping around how the preparations for the wedding, she will certainly happily meet the witch. Here we have the right to congratulate she on the upcoming event, or call the truth around the suffering of the young Francois. In this case, she will certainly be angry with us and the conversation will finish quickly. Us will get the full reward anyway.In the event that Francois survived, yet we take it the trophy for ourselves, the girl will be extremely sad. It transforms out that when her lover went back to the city, he automatically took one more oath to obtain a striped steed from Zerrikania. Jacketta is no happy v the knight’s dodges and also decided to rest off relationships with him. After angry remarks, we will receive a reward because that the assignment.If Francois visited the cave himself and also died, or died in a battle with the forest, climate the girl have the right to only sympathize. To speak goodbye and leave there is no a reward, or beg money for occupational done - decide for yourself. In the second case, the girl will certainly be indignant at the habits of the witcher, yet she will still offer a reward.

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Important! If during the fulfillment the the assignment Francois survived, then in the assignment of the “The paths of Destiny” the subparagraph “to present valor” will certainly be reckoned

Feet as Cold together Ice ... In The Witcher 3 - feasible bugs

In the early on versions that the game there to be bugs that prevented the advancement of the plot of the task. ~ Geralt and also Francois dropped into the cave, the sub-item through the bestier and the burn of flowers did not appear, and also it was impossible to summon the pine forest. Also, if a player exit Francois alone come the cave, and then went to inspect what taken place to him. The human body of the dead knight was, and the search was not counted. Both of this bugs were resolved in patch 1.30.