Teen Wolf season 3, episode 9 simply finished airing! Come check out our recap and also discuss “The Girl that Knew also Much” with your other fans.

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Teen Wolf season 3, illustration 9 “The Girl that Knew too Much” began with the deputy walking through the school alone because someone called 911. Once we hear the creepy chant v her radio, we understand that miscellaneous is wrong.

And it most absolutely is. The deputy look at her own dead body before she is strangled native behind by the Darach. Lydia reflects up without an interpretation to and, finding out from her previous run-in through Stiles, phone call him, Allison, and also Scott to discover the body.

The next day at school Scott and also Stiles devise a arrangement to talk to Ethan. Unfortunately, they have to go v Aiden in stimulate to execute that, however Lydia seems to be the perfect distraction. Their time in the closet is reduced short, however, once someone paint, etc the spiral of vengeance on the window.

Ethan tells Scott and Stiles that he and Aiden were omegas as soon as Deucalion found them. He teach them just how to manage their ability, and the twins subsequently killed each member of their pack, including their Alpha. It’s thus that they owe Deucalion therefore much and also stay faithful to him.

Back in the locker room, we view Cora attacking Aiden. Ethan can feel it, and also he, Scott, and Stiles involved Cora’s rescue. Ethan call Aiden off, yet not before Cora it s okay severely injured.


Allison goes after her father, persuaded he’s the one the is killing everyone. Isaac doesn’t think it’s a good idea, yet follows she anyway. They see the Darach, and also it’s then that her father comes out and also shoots at it. Yet the Darach escapes.

At the rehearsal, Ethan speak Danny that if noþeles happens, he’s to uncover him. Lydia tells Scott the she’s walk to avoid fighting the feeling, and also maybe she’ll have the ability to save who in time. Meanwhile, Derek is with Cora in the hospital. Something appears to be an extremely wrong through her.

Lydia gets a message from Aiden to accomplish her, and she leaves reluctantly. However, as soon as she get the classroom, Jennifer is over there waiting, and also hits her over the head.

As Jennifer plan to death Lydia, Lydia screams, and we finally uncover out what she is: A banshee.

Back in the concert hall, a piano wire kills a woman and everyone operation screaming. Ago in the classroom, the sheriff point out his gun at Jennifer, but she throw the knife at him and also it soil in his shoulder. Scott mirrors up to fight Jennifer, yet she’s just too strong for him.

As Stiles watches native the other side that the door, Jennifer takes the sheriff away and also the episode ends.

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‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 9 ‘The Girl who Knew also Much’ quotes

Lydia: “You uncover the dead human body from currently on.”Stiles: “So you and your brother were like the bitches of the pack?”Cora: “I did it because that Boyd.”Morrell: “He wants to do a killer the end of you.”Isaac: “This is so not going to end well.”Stiles: “Mom would’ve believed me.”Scott: “You gain me the time and I’ll execute something around it.”

Teen Wolf season 3, illustration 10 “The Overlooked” will air next week, Monday, respectable 5 in ~ 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

Did you recognize Jennifer to be the Darach? to be you specific that Lydia was a banshee?

wolf watch season 3 episode 9