I understand the prize is x%10, however why is the the expression that reveals the rightmost digit?


x % 10 looks like the exactly answer. However is not.

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-2 % 10 is either -2 or 8 relying on language/implementation/whatever. And neither is actually "last digit".

So the correct answer is abs(x) % 10.


It"s Math

When you use the "%" operator you space asking for "What is the remainder after dividing by that number" so if I have actually 28 % 10 I"m saying "What is the remainder that 28 separated by 10". This, of course, would provide me 8. Gaining the remainder the a number separated by 10 just leaves you v the ones number (right most number).

We use a Decimal / basic 10 number system. For this reason if you usage 10 girlfriend will always get remainders in between 0-9.

In Java, "%" is the remainder operator and works the means described above.

Summary of operators in Java

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