Several of the early quests have you travel to other areas on world Mira. Getting to Noctilum and also Oblivia is fairly straight forward - they connect to Primordia over land. Sylvalum and Cauldros, top top the other hand, room separated native the other locations by a big body of water. I"m still at an early stage in the video game (have not began chapter 5), however side pursuits are directing me to Sylvalum and Cauldros. How should I gain there?


You deserve to walk or swim come every region. Because that example, if you walk to the north-most part of Primordia, you deserve to hop in the water and start swim north.

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Go come the northernmost tip of Primordia then start swimming in the direction of the small peninsula turn off Sylvalum.Just remember: do no go straight to the peninsula!There are very powerful enemies on an island that will certainly kill you if you are not over lv. 20 or higher.

Approach the peninsula from the right, going roughly the island.



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