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Dudley – An aristocratic surname offered as a first name considering that the 1nine Century. Also, a tvery own in one of England’s biggest cities – Birmingham. Also, from the meadow.

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Dursley – A tvery own near J.K. Rowling’s birthplace.

Dudley? What’s so excellent around him? Not much, to be hoswarm. He’s a jerk to Harry while they were prospering up, but it renders Harry a far better person. Dudley is spoiled and also obnoxious. Dudley prepares Harry for a magical bully, uncovered in Draco. Eventually, Dudley realizes that Harry is actually a decent perkid and also that he was a jerk all those years. But he doesn’t realize it until they are being separated, and at that suggest they don’t understand if or when they’ll see each other again. Dudley’s shining moment wbelow he tells Harry that he’s not a waste of space is reduced from the movie – which is stupid. It’s very important, at least to me.


Dudley’s name plainly has actually some implications behind it too. Dudley is spoiled and snobbish, thus aristocratic surname. On Pottereven more, Rowling revealed that Dursley was nopoint personal because she had actually never visited, yet it the name itself sounded unpleasant to her.

Dudley’s a jerk. Level and also basic. But the point is he’s just an additional instance of just how terrible Harry’s childhood is. He’s likewise a foil to Harry. They both grow up in the same home, but bereason of Vernon and also Lily’s prejudice towards Harry and his parental fees, their stays are totally different. When Dumbledore comes and also visits in Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore calls Vernon and also Lily out on it. He tells them that though they cared for Harry and retained him under their roof, they never once treated him as a kid, not also buying him a genuine birthday existing. I think it’s hilarious once Dumbledore states somepoint around the damage done to Dudley and Vernon and also Petunia look at him trying to discover the damages because they can’t watch anypoint wrong through their perfect son. Another great scene that’s been deleted. In the lengthy run, I think it’s more than likely for the ideal that Harry was never before treated the same bereason he learned from a young age that life isn’t always simple. It’d be tough sufficient to lose your parents, yet to not know them and also have to live through your evil aunt and also uncle…ugh. That’d be damaging. More proof that Harry is awesomesauce.

Yeah Dudley’s rude at times, yet various other times, Harry provokes him as soon as he’s angry. In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry is angry at Ron, Hermione, and Sirius because they aren’t telling him what’s going on and he tries to take it out on Dudley, calling him “Big-D,” “Ickle Diddykins,” and other names. Plus, Dudley constantly somehow ends up getting the short stick when it comes to magic. I intend, he gets trapped in a boa constrictors cage, he gets a pig tail, Fred and George trick him and offer him Ton-Tongue Toffee, and also he gets attacked by Dementors, which he can’t also see. I’m sure tbelow are lots more, also. I’m not really deffinishing Dudley, I’m simply saying, Harry isn’t specifically innocent in all instances.

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More around the Dementor strike. Jo included it for a factor. Dudley, for the first time in his life, sees himself as he really is: a bully and also a jerk. From that day on, Dudley changed and it assisted him become a much better person. Example: in The Deathly Hallows, Dudley leaves a cup of tea external Harry’s door, but Harry misinterprets it for a prank, however after Dudley thanks Harry for conserving his life (heart technically), Harry realizes that Dudley had readjusted. Jo revealed that Harry makes his children go visit Dudley’s family eextremely so frequently also though they uncover it dull. I think it mirrors that Harry and also Dudley grew up and moved previous their differences. (This is something that’s type of subtly hinted at in the Epilogue; once Ron sees Draco and his family he tells his youngsters to not come to be friends via Scorpius; in other words, Ron still hasn’t grown up.)

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Some Dudley quotes (you deserve to view some progression of his snobbish-ness):

“Aunt Petunia often sassist that Dudley looked choose a baby angel – Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.”

“Thirty-6. That’s 2 less than last year!”

“Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?”

Hagrid: “Meant to rotate him into a pig, yet I mean he was so much choose a pig anyway tright here wasn’t much left ter do.”

Harry: “But I haven’t had any kind of messperiods, from any kind of of my friends. Not one, all summer.” Dudley: “Who’d desire to be friends via you?”

Harry: “Hey Big D. Beat up an additional 10 year old?” Dudley: “This one deoffered it.”

“‘Don’t kill Cedric!’ Who’s Cedric? Your boyfriend?”

“Dad – I’m going wit these Order people.”

Dudley: “I don’t think you’re a waste of space.” Harry: “Well…er…many thanks, Dudley.” Dudley: “You conserved my life.”

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