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Just acquire off wall,let's have actually a ballThe '70's space gone,it's the '80's ya'llGrab a flygirl by the hand and ask she to danceC'mon fellas don't it is in shy,just take a chanceYou'll never know,it can lead to romance'Cause the to win is cold stompin'It'll put you in a tranceYou're so hypnotized that you stop and also stareI'm steppin' the end of this,'cause I'm no wit' that thereGet top top the dancefloor come on take a standAll the girlies in the ar wanna dance v you,my manGet top top the floor and work it out if you canHere's mine ulterior motive,I typical my video game planIt doesn't hurt to flirt,just walk 'head and chase a skirtYou can't assist it,it's her line that workTo get women top top the floorIt's friend they adore,you could as wellGive'em what they came here forYou understand what time that is (x8)Hang on party people,'cause right here we goWe're gonna cold take the party to one more plateuBut in stimulate for us to attain a new heightWe wanna hear Flash reduced the to win up,ain't that rightWhile flash is choppin' the mix favor an ax ~ above the wood
(scratch)You gotta run 'cause the win is finger lickin' goodThrow your hands above your head and reach because that a cloudAnd if there's anything you desire to say,say it loudI know the base is pumpin' so hard the lights space dimAnd ya'll room letting me know we're cold blowin' the rimThat's right,you're gift served,served through a smileAnd homeboy friend don't choose it,we have the right to step in the aisleJust present no shame,you know it's just nightAnd if there's something you want to acquire off,get it off tonightYou understand what time it is (x4)A an easy push of the fade,a tiny flex the the wristFlash whoopin' the mix when I'm kickin' the giftYo' prefer a double edge razor,the boy is niceWhen he cuts,give him room,or you can get slicedHe's as well cold come hold,too warm to it is in stoppedThis jam the we got is an excellent to the critical dropWhether you favor it or not,we rockYo' due to the fact that the day we emerged,have you heardThat it was all around a party and also yo this is wordThis party's rated NS because that no suckers allowedThat's the scoopHear me troopSo don't girlfriend come here actin' wildBut as you recognize there's constantly on in the crowdYou wanna party climate act prefer you know,can you destruction itAnd if you came too ill forget it,I ain't wit it