The text for poor Unfortunate Souls - from The small Mermaid by play Carroll have been interpreted into 1 languages

URSULAThe only way to obtain what you desire is to become a person yourself.ARIELCan you do that?URSULAMy dear, sweet child. That′s what i do. It"s what i live for.To aid unfortunate merfolk choose yourself.Poor souls through no one else to turn to.I recognize that in the previous I′ve to be a nastyThey weren"t kidding as soon as they called me, well, a witchBut you"ll uncover that nowadaysI′ve mended all my waysRepented, seen the light, and made a switchTrue? YesAnd ns fortunately recognize a tiny magicIt′s a talent the I always have possessedAnd here lately, you re welcome don"t laughI use it ~ above behalfOf the miserable, lonely, and depressed patheticPoor unfortunately soulsIn pain, in needThis one longing to be thinnerThat one desires to get the girlAnd carry out I help them?Yes, indeedThose negative unfortunate soulsSo sad, therefore trueThey come flocking to mine cauldronCrying, "Spells, Ursula, please!"And I aid them!Yes i doNow it′s occurred once or twiceSomeone couldn"t pay the priceAnd I′m fear I had to rake "em ′cross the coalsYes I"ve had actually the weird complaintBut top top the whole I"ve been a saintTo those bad unfortunate soulsHave we got a deal?ARIELIf I become human, I′ll never be through my father or sisters again.URSULAThat′s rightBut you"ll have your man, heh heh.Life′s complete of tough choices, isn"t it?Heh heh.Oh, and also there is one an ext thing.We haven′t disputed the topic of payment.You can"t acquire something because that nothing, friend knowARIELBut i don′t have-URSULAI"m no asking much, simply a token really, a trifle!You"ll never also miss itWhat I want from friend is - your voice.ARIELBut there is no my voice, how have the right to I-URSULAYou′ll have actually your looks, her pretty face.And don′t underestimate the prestige of body language, ha!The males up over there don"t choose a the majority of blabberThey think a girl who gossips is a bore!Yes on floor it′s much wanted for females not come say a wordAnd after every dear, what is idle prattle for?Come on, they"re not all that impressed through conversationTrue gentlemen stop it once they canBut they dote and also swoon and fawnOn a lady who′s withdrawnIt"s she that holds she tongue who get′s a manCome ~ above you negative unfortunate soulGo ahead!Make her choice!I"m a really busy woman and I haven"t acquired all dayIt won′t expense muchJust her voice!You bad unfortunate soulIt′s sad but trueIf you desire to overcome the bridge, my sweetYou"ve acquired the salary the tollTake a gulp and take a breathAnd go ahead and sign the scrollFlotsam, Jetsam, now I′ve gained her, boysThe boss is ~ above a rollThis negative unfortunate soulBeluga sevrugaCome winds the the Caspian SeaLarengix glaucitisEt max laryngitisLa voce come meNow, sing!ARIELAah...Keep singing!