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Term When your textbook describes public speaking as a type of empowerment, it implies that public speaking is...
Definition a method to make a distinction in something we care about
Term To aythat public speaking is a means to make a difference about somepoint we care about is to acknowledge that public speaking is...
Definition a kind of empowerment
Term Which of the following does your textbook recommend as a method to address nervousness in your speeches?
Definition Think of your speech as an act of communication
Term Which of the complying with does your textbook recommend as a means to attend to nervousness in your speeches?
Definition Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts
Term As a public speaker, you fave honest worries when
Definition selecting the topic for your speech, relooking your speech, and also arranging your speech
Term In public speaking, sound moral decisions involve weighing a potential course of action against
Definition a set of honest guidelines or standards
Term Max is smiling and also nodding his head as he listens to a toast at a friends weeding. According to your textbook, Maz is engaged in ______ listening.
Definition appreciative
Term Gerald is listening to comfort a friend whose apartment has just been burglarized. According to your textbook, Gerald is engaged in ______ listening
Definition empathic
Term Your textbook recommends that once you construct your initially speech, you need to look for ways to
Definition make the speech mysterious or suspenseful, use vibrant, descriptive language, and also be imaginative in structuring your information
Term Which of the complying with does your textbook recommend that you do in the conclusion of your first speech
Definition Let the audience recognize your speech is ending, reinpressure the main principle of your speech, and finish on a clever or thought-provoking note
Term According to your textbook, the kind of distribution in which you setup your speech in information and also learn it well without trying to memorixe the exact wording is called
Definition extemporaneous
Term Whene basic purpouse of your speech is to ______ you act generally as a teacher or lecturer
Definition inform
Term When the basic purpose of your speech is to _____ you act generally as an advocate
Definition persuade
Term As your textbook expalins, the main purpose of speechmaking is to
Definition gain a preferred response from listeners
Term The challenge that audiences are egocentric suggests that
Definition listeners interpret what you say on the basis of what they know and believe
Term The reality that audiences are egocentric implies that
Definition listeners are concerned over all through just how a speech will certainly impact them

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Communication skills, including public speaking, are frequently ranked first among the characteristics employers look for in college graduates

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the growth of the internet and social netfunctioning is reducing the require for public speaking